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Coming up next from Rockadrome is the long awaiting Winterhawk - Revival LP reissue! There will be 1000 copies with 100 on dreamsicle orange vinyl (available exclusively from the Rockadrome store), 300 on seafoam green vinyl and 600 on black vinyl.

Also coming up from Rockadrome/Vintage label will be Immpeccable - Live on the Rox LP vinyl reissue with a limited pressing of only 300 copies. Truth and Janey - Topeka Jam 2-LP dobule vinyl set featuring never before release mid-70s live recordings from the infamous Iowa hard rock trio, including a 20 min-jam version of their classic Midnight Horseman. Pussy - Invasion Lp from this post-Jerusalem band will finally be made available on vinyl in limited edtion. Also, the killer debut album from German 70s hard rockers Gift! Stay tuned for more announcements!

Recent releases from the Rockadrome label include purple vinyl edition of the Jerusalem LP, the Jerusalem Kamakazi Moth 7" single vinyl reissue and the Impeccable - Live on the Rox CD version with Axxe bonus tracks.



Winterhawk Revival LP

Next release from Rockadrome's VINTAGE label!

WINTERHAWK - REVIVAL LP (ROCK053-V-1) Official vinyl reissue of all-time classic hard rock guitar album featuring axe-master Jordan Macarus. If you love hard rock lead guitar action then do yourself a huge favor and grab this thing immediately! This thing overflows with a powerful Rush meets Blackfoot hard rock sound. Winterhawk was a classic hard progressive rock band that thrived in Chicago’s late 70s rock scene that included groups like Sorcery, Arion, The Hounds, Cheap Trick, Pentwater, M&R Rush, Off Broadway and more. Originally released posthumously in 1982 as a private press record, it’s now very collectable and sells for over $200 each. This is first ever vinyl reissue pressing of this classic and comes with gate-fold 12" insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes, and an 11x17 poster featuring photo of guitarist Jordan Macarus and bassisst Doug Brown. It’s simply a must-have release for any hard rock / classic rock collection.

- "You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere at the opposite end of the Time Tunnel, Winterhawk's seven-minute piece de resistance Period of Change is more revered than Kansas's Dust in The Wind, and Macarus is playing in Deep Purple instead of Steve Morse. Seriously, Winterhawk are that good." - Geoff Barton (Classic Rock)

- "In my past twenty years as an addict of heavy guitar music, I have never heard anyone who played the electric guitar like Jordan Macarus. The three songs that Macarus wrote on his own in 1979 ("Period of change", "Revival" and "Free to live") I shall take with me into my grave, because I don't think I will ever hear anything like that again even in the afterlife." - Sacred Metal


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