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Colored vinyl version is now SOLD OUT! Black vinyl still available!

Attention!: First of all, we want to thank everyone who order the colored vinyl and helped us sell out within a week. Unfortunately, after further inspection there was an issue with the Ashbury colored vinyl and we had to return them to the pressing plant so they could repress and repackage them without flaws. Needless to say, we were pretty upset about it, but not much we could do as we did not want to ship defective records. We apologize to everyone for the extra wait, but we will ship immediately when they arrive.

ashbury endless skies lp


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Ashbury - Endless Skies LP

Cat No: ROCK055-V-1

In stock
LP / Rockadrome

Now Available! Here we bring you a near exact vinyl reissue of the legendary 1983 debut album that collectors scour the earth for, brilliantly re-mastered and including an informative lyric insert and color poster. Black vinyl still available! Starburst colored vinyl now sold out!

Truth and Janey - Erupts! 2-LP

Cat No: ROCK/LION050-V-1

In stock
LP / Rockadrome

Raw crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the Midwest's heaviest power trios of all time!!! The live recordings featured on “Erupts!” were originally released posthumously in the early 90s. Now it's back, re-mastered for vinyl by Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Saint Vitus, Stoneaxe) and in it's entirety. Now you can once again drop the needle and hear Billylee Janey plug in his '64 Gibson Firebird, power up his Marshall stacks, flip on his Echoplex and Univibe and take you on a journey back to 70s heavy rock nirvana.

Jerusalem T-Shirt

Cat No: T-Jeru-S

In stock
Shirt / Rockadrome
Jerusalem T-Shirt. Black T-shirt with design based on the album cover artwork of this 1972 UK heavy rock classic. Black 100% cotton pre-shrunk quality new... More

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