Manilla Road - The Courts of Chaos CD

Manilla Road - The Courts of Chaos CD

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Manilla Road - The Courts of Chaos CD. Manilla Road's often underestimated and brilliant more obscure 80s release The Courts of Chaos. Some classic cuts here and guitarist Mark Shelton is just completely on fire! He's one of the most criminally underrated heavy metal guitar players of all-time!

  1. Road To Chaos (Instrumental)
  2. Dig Me No Grave
  3. D.O.A.
  4. Into The Courts Of Chaos
  5. From Beyond
  6. A Touch Of Madness
  7. (Vlad) The Impaler
  8. The Prophecy
  9. The Books Of Skelos
  10. Far Side Of The Sun (live Bonustrack)

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