Wasteland - Warriors of the Wasteland CD

Wasteland - Warriors of the Wasteland CD

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WASTELAND from Stuttgart, Germany were formed in the late eighties by Klaus Sperling from PRIMAL FEAR, Roland Seidel, Davor Sertic (Kashmyr) and Markus Plattner after having gained pertinent experience in the music scene throughout the years in order to realize their own ideas.
Since they all agreed upon playing traditional powerful Heavy-Metal in the classic style, they wrote their songmaterial very fast and, thus, recorded their first demo-tape "Warriors of the Wasteland" already in October 1990 in a four-week non-stop stay in the L-Sound Studio in Emmendingen.
This demo tape consists of nine tracks and can be doubtlessly considered to be one of the best Demo-tapes in Metal History of all time. For that reason it is a great honour and pleasure for us, to present you this excellent 9-Track-Power-Metal Tape with several Bonus-Tracks for the first time on CD.
Immediately after the recordings, Stefan Leibing from PRIMAL FEAR joined WASTELAND. Unfortunately, the band never received the chance to record something officially, since all the record labels became infected by the venomous Grunge-virus.  


Roland Seidel (Vocals)
Davor Sertic (Guitars)
Stefan Leibing (Guitars, Keyboards)
Markus Plattner (Bass)
Klaus Sperling (Drums)

  1. X-Ray Eyes
  2. Kill The Killer
  3. Wasteland
  4. Dreams Of Heaven
  5. Can't Wait
  6. Atomic Coffins
  7. Still The World Is Sad
  8. Warning
  9. Bombastic Chiefs
  10. Salvation (Bonustrack)
  11. Calling out To Your Name (Bonustrack)
  12. Deceide Your Destiny (Bonustrack)
  13. Babylon (Bonustrack)




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