Witchfinder General - Death Penalty CD

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty CD


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Witchfinder General "Death Penalty" CD. Witchfinder General was one of the few NWOBHM bands to go straight for the early-Sabbath sound, a style that would become popular many years later. Both albums are amongst the best NWOBHM albums ever, particularly Death Penalty where the Black Sabbath style is most evident. The band gained notoriety not only for the great albums but the excellent album covers, both featuring topless women under the guise of tortured would-be witches. " (from www.bnrmetal.com)

  1. Invisible Hate
  2. Free Country
  3. Death Penalty
  4. No Starter
  5. Witchfinder General
  6. Burning A Sinner
  7. R.I.P.



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05/08/2012, 09:53 PM

"NWOBHM band does the perfect Sabbath imitation, although the singer does not sound like Ozzy. The album kicks off with the crushing riff of "Invisable Hate", leaving Iommi wondering why he didn't think of it. This album is a must have both for doom heads and seventies diehards, as it will please both. Second album "Friends Of Hell" is a must as well, but not quite as good. And hey, naked chicks on the covers, what's not to like?
Sabbath fans need this album!"

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