Arc - Raiders Of The Lost Arc 2-CD

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Arc - Raiders Of The Lost Arc 2-CD. With just two singles to their name – but a vast amount of talent and an almost legendary reputation – ARC was another of the many NWOBHM acts who burned brightly but briefly, never really having the chance to achieve their full potential. Based in Worcestershire, and founded on the core of the three Whitbread brothers – Mike (guitar), Geoff (drums) and John (vocals) – ARC built up a solid fan base and from the very beginning played sets consisting of their own material, with just the odd cover thrown in to keep the audience on their toes. With ten or so songs already under their belts, they decided the time was right to release something, and the results of a session at The Old Smithy was the double A-side single ‘Tribute (To Mike Hailwood)’ c/w ‘For My Next Kick’, issued in 1980. The following year saw the release of a second single, ‘War Of The Ring’, backed by the oddly titled 'Ice Cream Theme’. Aside from the two singles, the highlight of ‘Raiders Of The Lost ARC’ has to be a lengthy eleven-song set recorded at a rehearsal in December 1984 which shows just how good – and how truly original – ARC was. Double CD. new, sealed)

Disc One:

01 War of the Ring
02 Ice Cream Theme
03 Tribute (To Mike Hailwood)
04 For My Next Kick
05 Leviathan
06 War of the Ring (Original V.)
07 Arise
08 Hades
09 Turn On Your Love
10 Now is the Hour    11 Illegitamus
12 In the Corner of a Foreign Field
13 Firebrand
14 Cyborg (incl. Drum Solo)
15 Spirit Rider

All tracks on CD 1 performed by ARC, except for track 5: Performed by BLACK AND BLUES BAND

Disc Two:

16 Climbing the Chain
17 Atlantis
18 You Really Got Me
19 H-Bomb Rock
20 Blue Skies
21 The Eyes of a Woman
22 It's All Up to You
23 New Millenium
24 Never to Return
25 Shine On
26 Turn On Your Love
27 Obsession
28 Leviathan
29 Face to Face
30 Coming to You
31 Leviathan (live)
32 Never To Return (live)
33 Face to Face (live)

Tracks 1-4 on CD 2 performed by ARC.
Tracks 5-18 on CD 2 performed by RED HUNTER. (post-Arc band)


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