Armored Saint - Nod to the Old School 2CD

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Armored Saint - Nod to the Old School 2CD. Double disc collection of rarities including the three songs off their killer debut Ep! Also Robin Trower and Judas Priest cover versions.

Disc 1
01 Real swagger (2001)
02 Unstable (2001)
03 March of the saints (2001 version)
04 Day of the eagle (Robin Trower cover)
05 Never satisfied (Judas Priest cover)
06 Tainted past (2001 acoustic version)
07 After me, the flood (2000 live)
08 Creepy feelings (2000 live)
09 Lesson well learned (from '83 Ep)
10 False alarm (from '83 Ep)
11 On the way (from '83 Ep)
12 Stricken by fate (from '83 Ep session)
13 Reign of fire ('89 demo)
14 Betty '79 ('88 demo)
15 People ('89 demo)
16 Get lost ('89 demo)
17 Nothing between the ears ('88 demo)
18 Pirates ('89 demo)

Disc 2
01 Medival nightmares ('89 demo)
02 Long before I die (Video 2000 Whiskey)
03 March of the saints (Video 2000 Whiskey)
04 Reign of fire (Video)
05 Last train home (Video)



Heavy Metal
Metal Blade


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