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Azotic Reign - Abstract Maledictions CD

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The Bay Area has risen again ! The region around San Francisco that brought forth unique, revolutionary Thrash sounds in the second half of the Eighties has doubtlessly been way beyond its peak for more than a decade now, but nonetheless, Swedish AZOTIC REIGN have adopted exactly what ?Thrash? once stood for and combined it with other influences, resulting in a very interesting mixture.

The mini album ?Beyond The Blood? was released in 1998 and received great praise within the underground; since it was limited to only 500 copies, it was quickly sold out and might easily become a collector?s item one day.

Two years later, AZOTIC REIGN presented their first full-length album ?Abstract Maledictions?, capable of crushing straight into the brain of every headbanging maniac. The opening ?Sacrificed? impressively clarifies that AZOTIC REIGN are on the same level as the old EXODUS or FORBIDDEN, combining brutal, crunchy guitar riffs, powerful double bass attacks and aggressive but still melodic vocals into a brilliant mixture. As opposed to their Eighties heroes, AZOTIC REIGN also integrate slower parts into their songs from time to time to add some variety. It is especially in those more moderate parts, that Kjell Andersson (not to be confused with Russ Anderson from FORBIDDEN) demonstrates his ability to adequately deal with more melodic vocal lines, too, his voice sometimes even slighty resembling legendary CANDLEMASS/MEMENTO MORI singer Messiah Marcolin.

Thus, ?Abstract Maledictions? is an album that apart from the Thrash freaks should also appeal to friends of more melodic Metal sounds.

  1. Sacrificed
  2. The Fall Of Humanity
  3. Reincarnation Denied
  4. Soulless Breed
  5. The Depths Of The Shadow
  6. Beyond The Blood
  7. Devine Justice
  8. Repent Your Sins
  9. The House By The Ancient Cemetery


Thrash / Speed
Iron Glory
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