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Black Destiny - Black is where our Hearts Belong CD

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BLACK DESTINY from Osnabr?ck/Germany is a newcomer act that doesn't sound German at all, and makes a good impression on their debut album ?Black Is Where Our Hearts Belong?. Their first mini CD that had actually only been recorded for promotional purposes, already set them clearly apart from other young bands within the underground, offering something different for all those that weren?t too keen on the 1001st Helloween copy or another million of Italo-Symphonic Metal bands.

BLACK DESTINY rather draw their influences from classic, aggressive US Power Metal acts like ICED EARTH, never forgetting to maintain their own identity. The fast opening track ?Black Widow? impressively demonstrates that BLACK DESTINY can well compete with US Metal heroes such as STEEL PROPHET or DESTINY?S END. Something very important to the band is variety; besides moderate hymns like ?Viking? and ?Breathe?, there's melodic Metal tracks like ?Words Of Sorrow? as well as fast, killing rippers such as ?Tragedy Vision? and ?In Battle For Metal?. This wide range in style is made possible in first place by front man Michael Seifert's ability to sing very melodic as well as dark and aggressive.

BLACK DESTINY is a band that, concerning both quality and originality, is on a higher level than most other newcomers and will certainly make their way within the Metal scene.

  1. Intro
  2. Widow Black
  3. Tragedy Vision
  4. Viking
  5. Creator Of Descent
  6. Wolf
  7. Thirst
  8. Breath Of Freedom
  9. Freak
  10. Words Of Sorrow
  11. In Battle For Metal


Heavy Metal
Iron Glory
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