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Bodkin - Bodkin CD

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Bodkin - Bodkin CD. Reissue of ultra-rare 1972 UK heavy psychedelic rock! Originals are a holy grail among collectors. Total wasted hard vibe with long tracks and a killer organ sound. This compact disc version features new artwork and is housed in a digipak with one bonus track.

Track Listing:

  1. Three Days After Death Pt. 1
  2. Three Days After Death Pt. 2
  3. Aunty Mary's Trashcan
  4. Aftur Your Lumber
  5. Plastic Man
  6. Three Days After Death Pt. 2 (instrumental)*

* bonus track


Orig Year:
Country of Origin:


This 1972 album was previously only available as a hideously rare private pressing. Five tracks of hard and heavy rock, with some outstanding guitar and keyboard work make up the only album from this Scottish band. Akarma CD comes in elaborate fold out "crucifix" hard card sleeve.

On the Comet Records website, were you can purchase this self-titled Bodkin LP, it says "File close to Black Sabbath." This music had no similarities to the heavy metal godfathers' recordings. The only thing that was comparable was the inference to Satanism with the burning cross and the offertory head of a ram.

What you will find most intriguing besides the music however is how the LP was packaged. The sleeve the album comes housed in has so many folds you will think that you are doing origami. The album cover actually folds out into what you see pictured here, and it is quite large. You can use it as a poster if you wish because the actual LP has its own self-contained sleeve built around the poster. There is no doubt that this is one of the more unusual LP's I have had the pleasure to listen to and enjoy from the label since I started covering their product in 2000.

The Hammond Organ is the primary instrument on this LP. The influence of its sound fits principally well within each song. "Aunty Mary's Trashcan," easily the best track on the LP, is nearly 11 minutes long and it illustrates my point perfectly. "Plastic Man" was the only cut where the guitar cuts loose as a featured instrument. All of you six-string aficionados need not being distraught over this as the electric guitar is an essential part of the mix with this music, it just is not as out front as you may be accustomed to.

If you look at the year this was recorded (1972) and where (U.K.) it is obvious what the group was trying to accomplish. They, like many others, were attempting to break new ground and become more progressive utilizing the keyboards as center from where their sound emanated from, while building the rest of the instruments around it. As successful as they were in accomplishing this they never made it as others did from the country. I a most thankful that bands that created such wonderful rock music can be given their just due and remembered with excellent reissues like this one
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