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Buddaheads - Howlin' At The Moon CD

Label: Grooveyard
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Buddaheads - Howlin' At The Moon CD features 16 trax (78 minutes) of awesome top-shelf blues rock riffage from this amazing, gifted guitarist, that was recorded through the years. The music ranges from full-out killer blues/rock riff rippers, to classic mid- tempo in the back pocket blues burners, to cycodelic trippy hendrixy jams ("dance maria" is Alan's musical tribute to Jimi), to deep beautiful dynamic bluesy minor ballads and everything in-between. There is something here for everybody. And as an added bonus, the "Howlin' At The Moon" disc features "special guest" blues/rock axeslinger supreme & good musical brother Philip Sayce jamming hard on his strat with Alan Mirikitani & the BUDDAHEADS on the title track. A killer BUDDAHEADS jam worthy of the price of admission alone.

Alan Mirikitani is a "man on a blues-rock mission" and he sets the record straight on the "Howlin' At The Moon" disc. Not only is he an awesome guitarist and soulful, clean, melodic vocalist, what sets him apart from the rest is his strong ability to write incredible outstanding songs with lyrics that really mean something. Raw and powerful, yet melodically rich, the songs (and we mean "songs") on "Howlin' At The Moon" are classy, diverse, mature and full of depth complete with classic powerful heavy guitar riffage. This is REAL music for REAL people. The BUDDAHEADS are blues/rock at it's best. "Howlin' At The Moon" is an incredible musical document on this incredibly gifted guitarist and band.

Alan Mirikitani has been playing his axe since he was 4 years young(!!!) and he first hit the musical scene with the BUDDAHEADS back in 1994 with the major label (RCA RECORDS) debut, "Blues Had A Baby...", an awesome display of outstanding dynamic blues/rock riffage. Several other killer Buddaheads discs followed, including a record deal in Japan. Even though you may not have heard of him and you should have, Alan Mirikitani has been keeping busy through the years writing great outstanding music and also found success with film and t.v. soundtrack work. He also started up his own recording studio called DAWGHOUSE, where all of the trax for "Howlin' At The Moon" were recorded (...have you ever been to electric dawgland?!!!). Alan Mirikitani deserves all the credit he can get for his vast musical efforts.

The BUDDAHEADS: "Howlin' At The Moon" disc is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to fans of ROBIN TROWER, JIMI HENDRIX, Z.Z. TOP, S.R.V., JOHNNY WINTER, RORY GALLAGHER, CLAPTON, DOYLE BRAMHALL, WARREN HAYNES and just about any other killer blues/rock axeslingers you have ever heard. The BUDDAHEADS are the "REAL" deal and Alan Mirikitani is definitely up there with the best of them. He is a powerful blues/rock force to be reckoned with and he "shines" on the "Howlin'At The Moon" disc.




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