Budgie - Live At The BBC 1972 LP

Label: Maida Vale
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Budgie - Live At The BBC 1972 LP. Collection of classic early 70s UK hard rock tracks from one of the best bands ever! Side one taken from February 25th, 1972 Maida Vale studios John Peel show radio broadcast. Side two recorded live at Paris Theatre, London for the BBC In Concert program on October 19th, 1972. Previously released on hard to find BBC transcription Pop Spectacular promo LP from 1973. (m-/m-, sealed)

Side One:

  1. Hot as a Doctor's Armpit
  2. Whiskey River
  3. Nude Disentegrating Parachutist Woman
  4. The Author

Side Two:

  1. Rape of the Locks
  2. Rocking Man
  3. Young is a World
  4. Hot as a Doctor's Armpit


Hard Rock
Maida Vale
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