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Bulldog Breed - Made in England CD

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Bulldog Breed - Made in England CD Reissue of rare 1969 UK underground heavy rock psych album. Featured here with two bonus tracks! (m-/m-)

The label says: First official issue, taken from the original DECCA master tapes, of this amazing mod/psych/freakbeat rarity from 1969, featuring members of T2 and The FLIES. An album from the very end of the psychedelic era, one of the last landmark albums when bands seemed play exactly what they wanted, instead of opting for either the mainstream or the gutter; the psych-pop sensibilities of 1967 still live in 'Paper Man', 'Eileen's Haberdashery Store' and 'Dougal', 'Silver' and 'Top O' The Pops Cock?!?' give us a nasty Deviants proto-punk edge, while the mournful 'Friday Hill' sounds like Caravan on Prozac. Quintessential English eccentricity! This Acme/Lion issue comes complete with new sleeve-notes, photos and the legendary and mega-rare single "Halo in my Hair" b/w "Portcullis Gate" as bonus tracks. A classic album finally gets proper recognition!!!

Track Listing:

  1. Paper Man
  2. Broomstick Ride
  3. I Flew
  4. Eileen's Haberdashery Store
  5. Folder Men
  6. Dougal
  7. When The Sun Stands Still
  8. Reborn
  9. Friday Hill
  10. Silver
  11. You
  12. Top O The Pops Cock
  13. Revenge
  14. Austin Osmanspare
  15. Halo In My Hair*
  16. Porticullis Gate*


Lion Productions
Orig Year:
Country of Origin:


Finally here is the official edition of this classic '60's UK psych/prog album from the DECCA master tapes! Originally released in 1969 on Deram this album sounds really ahead of the progressive game on certain tracks like "Broomstick Ride" whilst "Friday Hill" is a beautiful psychedelic number. This really is a late '60's period piece that deserves more attention. The band included future Gun/Please members and finally evolved into T2 very soon after the recording of the album. A Pre T2 / Gun UK psych masterpiece. Features new sleevenotes photos plus bonus tracks (the rare "Halo In My Hair"/ "Portcullis Gate").

There is no way on earth now that some corporate monolith would give a motley bunch of south London teenage longhairs the keys to the studio and a big wodge of cash, saying “go on lads, do what you like.” Yet that's exactly what Decca did in 1969 to these fortunate 16 to 19 year olds, and were rewarded with possibly the most preposterous debut single ever released on a major label: Bulldog Breed’s ‘Halo In My Hair’ (b/w ‘Portcullis Gate’), included here as bonus tracks on the reissue of the band’s only album, Made in England.

‘Halo’ is a fantastic freak-beat rave-up replete with a ton of fuzz and a truly bizarre cyclic percussion/keyboard refrain that hammers itself into your brain until you run round the room screaming “What in the name of fuck is making that noise?” ‘Portcullis Gate, on the other hand, sounds truly like nothing else, Pounding, repetitive drums and filtered guitars lead into an astoundingly foolish lyric concerning madness, ancient battles and the underbelly of the psychedelic dream, bellowed out by a man with so much speed in his bloodstream that he can barely force his teeth apart to sing. Lovely.

The rest of the album is just as schizophrenic, and seems to come from that same place as earlier groups like The Yardbirds (post-Clapton) and The Misunderstood, the tracks still pop song short, but drenched in phasing and filtering, unhinged fuzztone and bizarre instrumentation. There are none of the 20-minute solos you’d expect from London in 1969 (or from the bands that sprung out of Bulldog Breed, Gun and the utterly prog-tastic T2) – just a bunch of Mods who’d discovered acid but couldn't put away the Purple Hearts and wanted to cram every single idea they had into perfectly formed three-minute epics.

They didn’t always succeed; but when they did the results were quite something, from the two-chord Detroit style ramalama of ‘Reborn’ to the flute-spangled psychedelic wonderment of ‘AustinOsmanSpare’, another track with lyrics so shameless that even David Tibet would be embarrassed to sing them.

You want screaming guitar battling against WWII radio traffic? You got it (‘I Flew’). You want to skip through rainbow-hued, diamond-frosted forest glades with saucer-eyed nymphs, while delicate jazz organ and folk harmonies slip between the boughs? You can do that too (‘Dougal’). You want the sleaziest piece of psych ever, with what sounds suspiciously like the singer having a wank over the top of the instrumental section? Well, it's right here (‘When The Sun Stands Still’). You want stomping, drunken, rocking blues, Neanderthal harmonica and titles like ‘Top Of The Pops Cock’?
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