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Cain - A Pound of Flesh CD

Label: Rockadrome
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Cain - A Pound of Flesh CD. Brand new reissue of this Minnesota band's classic 1975 hard rock debut album featuring an expanded 12-page booklet containing liner notes, lyrics and photos! Includes 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1978 recordings that were to be a part of their never realized third album! No self-respecting 70s hard rock collection is complete without Jiggs Lee's powerful raucous vocals and Lloyd Forsberg's stunning guitar work. Heed the call all 70s rock fiends! Jiggs Lee is easily one of my all-time favorite hard rock vocalists! For fans of 70s hard rock like Aerosmith, Bad Company, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Truth and Janey, Left End, Granicus, Poobah and so on.

Track Listing:

  1. Queen of the Night
  2. Katy
  3. South Side Queen
  4. Badside
  5. Born of the Wind
  6. Heed the Call
  7. If the Right Don't Get You the Left One Will
  8. All My Life
  9. Love Is Gonna Come*
  10. All Wound Up*
  11. Hard Life*
  12. Take A Little Time*

* previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1978!

- "Jiggs Lee can and does belt out ferocious vocals that stand toe-to-toe with anything by Lawton or Coverdale" - Peacedogman.com

- "Cain’s debut from ’75 is a showcase for some awesome riffs and the huge lungs of front man Jiggs Lee." - Shindig!



Hard Rock
Orig Year:
Country of Origin:



My old band performed "Right One Don't Getcha" so many times, we actually won a battle of the bands and had requests to record it! Shortly thereafter, however we "lost" our efeminate vocalist and rhythm guitarist; however, because of the "battle," blah-blah, we did earned 2 hours worth of studio time
- in an otherwise all black section of town, and the "producer/enginner" thereof had such a great time, laughing at the three white boyz who "claimed to be playing reggae." We laid down the rhythm guitar/bass/drums track then went back and the guitist did a "lead guitar" atop it, I did a "piano" part, and the drummer just laughed. Came time to "do the vocals," and the producer guy said, "OK - WHO'S GONNA SING?" The guitarist and drummer kind of slumpted back and - and pointed at me. The produce said, "OK...I get the picture. C'mere a minute," and he took just across the road to a bar. I WAS TERRIFIED, but the Man said, "I want you fix my guy up, he's gonna do a coupla songs for me." I didn't know what the drink was (a mojito" or something) but when I l was led, by hand and snot-flying drunk, back to the studio, the guy took my glasses off, handed them to my girlfriend, and told me, "OK...I'm turnin' down the light. I wantcha t'go in there and do yo' BEST Mick Jager imitation." I did...it was fun. And though my vocals sucked, at least it was "the real thang," and I've even had it transferred to compact disc. And have never listened to it again. The guitarist is. sadly, now dead, the drummer writes programs for a computer company, and I'm "in exile" in ohHIGHoh. But at least I can tell my grandchildren, "Yeah! I did that one time!"
Cain used to visit Chicago in the Seventies and I saw them on Rush street and at the Castaways in Calumet City. The column says Cain could give early Led Zeppelin a run for their money and I'll vouch for that! They did a cover of Stairway to Heaven that if you closed your eyes you would swear that Led Zeppelin was playing it. Amazing! They also did a cover of Argent's Hold Your Head Up that was just as good. Great band!
First-ever reissue of hard rock monster and 1975 debut Lp from Minnesota's CAIN! A hard rock fan's dream with Lloyd Forsberg's "ahead of their time" guitar licks and Jiggs Lee's raucous vocals. Features a full digital re-mastering along with liner notes, lyrics and photos!

"A Pound Of Flesh" was originally recorded and released in 1975. Today, over thirty years later this debut album by Minnesota rock outfit Cain gets another - well deserved - shot.

Right now in 2003 there's obviously a market for re-releases. Even the pop charts are rarely lacking a cover tune from a seventies, eighties or nineties pop or rock tune. Is the well running that dry folks? Hmmmm.

Though some of these Top 40 cover tunes are amusing, most suck BIG time, so I prefer a re-release of a classic rock album anytime. I'm from '72 myself, so obviously I missed the original release of "A Pound Of Flesh", and unfortunately the band was disbanded soon after their second album. A third never saw the light of day.

Today, "A Pound Of Flesh" will depend entirely on an audience that actively looks for re-releases such as this. That and some decent marketing might well be enough to reach the audience there undoubtedly is for classic seventies rock.

There's quite a few 'older' bands I really enjoy listening to. Queen, The Eagles, The Who... a little bit of everything I guess. The music that Cain plays is hardly 'my thing', but I can't deny that there's a couple of very enjoyable tunes here.

"Katy" shows the excellent singer that Jiggs Lee was to his full extent. Soulful at times, and amazingly powerful at other times. I'm sure he's doing a fine job nowadays being a sound system designer. His musical qualities ooze from every pore of this shiny little disk.

The rest of the band; Dave Elmeer (bass, acoustic, keyboards), Lloyd Forsberg (electric guitar) and drummer Kevin DeRemer complement Jiggs and oneanother perfectly. This band sounds like they could've taken on early Led Zeppelin any given time.

But alas, as I told before, their career was short-lived. Thanks to Monster Records however, what little legacy Cain left behind is - at least partly - available to the public once again.
I saw Cain many times around Chicago back around the time of this album, and later, "Stinger". Both albums are excellent, I'm looking forward to the upcoming "Stinger" reissue.
Cain was a great band, all top notch players, topped off by the vocals of the amazing Jiggs Lee. They never failed to deliver the good live, and both albums sound just as good today as they did 30+ years ago. Grab
"Flesh" now, and "Stinger" when it's released. You won't regret it!
Rockadrome, please hurry with "Stinger", my LP has been played so many times the vinyl is actually turning gray!
Great hard rock from middle America. Jiggs Lee is a great singer, and there is some really forward thinking guitar playing. All around great songs, great production, and the usual A list Rockadrome packaging. These guys had their own sound, so I can't think of any direct comparisons. I would say if you like Poobah, Left End, or Hard Stuff, you would be into it. Not really a bad track on this, "Katy" is a real standout. These guys still perform occasionally, there is a youtube video of Katy from 2011 that is worth checking out. Jiggs sounds just as good in his 50's as he did back in '75!
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