Damnations Hammer - Disciples of the Hex CD

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Damnations Hammer - Disciples of the Hex CD. Damnation's Hammer was formed as a homage to the avant-garde metal of the 1980's by guitarist/vocalist Tim Preston (the band is completed by bassist Andy Whitehead and drummer Steve Leach). Taking influences from the likes of Celtic Frost and Candlemass the vision of the band is to create dark, doom laden metal incorporating surreal atmospherics. Damnation's Hammer's debut album Disciples of the Hex was recorded by the band in their own studio in early 2012 and consists of eight tracks of dark, old school thrashy doom metal with a lyrical content based loosely around the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard - ancient wars fought against a backdrop of Giger-esque surrealism is what you get! The album was originally self-released by the band but the copy they sent to the I HATE post box bludgeoned us so thoroughly that we had no other option but to offer them a re-release deal. The I Hate version of Disciples of the Hex has a mix far superior to the demo and the artwork and layout has been enhanced and improved.


Thrash / Speed
I Hate Records
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