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Dark at Dawn - Crimson Forest CD

Label: Iron Glory
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IG 1015


  1.  The Frozen Tear
  2. (A Sleep) In A Watery Red
  3. Blink Of An Eye
  4. A Winter?s Dream
  5. Across The Oceans Of Time
  6. Out In The Fields
  7. Isle Of Smile
  8. Bloody Shimmering Bloom
  9. The Oasis
  10. The Daybreak
  11. Second To Day
  12. At The Frozen Lake Of Bliss
  13. Whispers Of Forgotten Care

DARK AT DAWN from Northern Germany were formed in 1993; in 1996 the mini CD ?Oceans of time? was released as a private pressing, their excellent debut album ?Baneful Skies? came out in November 1999 through Iron Glory Records. The band received killer reviews from all parts of the press and proved that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with in today?s Power Metal sector. Thereafter, DARK AT DAWN even got the chance to play at the big Wacken:Open:Air festival with over 20.000 visitors and received overwhelming responses there.

Now, nearly 18 months later, DARK AT DAWN are armed and ready to strike for the second time. The new album ?Crimson Frost? once more outlines this killer band?s extraordinary potential.

The album is once again dominated by dark and heavy sounding Power Metal tracks, destined to convince every fan of this genre. No matter if you listen to the decent opening track ?The Frozen Tear?, the Metal hymn ?A Winter?s Dream? or ?Across The Oceans Of Time? with its female backing vocals ? the quality is just unbelievable !!

On a final note, it remains to be said that DARK AT DAWN?s cover version of the Gary Moore classic ?Out In The Fields? simply blows the original version away ? one more fact that ensures no Metal fan can ignore this unbelievable band anymore.

After a longer break, DARK AT DAWN are finally back for the third attack. "Firts beams of light" is not a regular studio album though, but a work containing new recorded versions of their first two Demo-Tapes with an excellent coverversion of WARLORD?s "Deliver us" as bonus. The first 3-Track Demo-Tape "The Awakening" from 1993 contained a title track, which reminds me of King Diamond regarding athmosphere and songwriting. Already in 1994, the band re-entered the studio, in order to record a new 6-Track-Demo-Tape "As daylight fades". This tape shows all the stylistic variations of the band. Thus, the album contains besides of fast-paced songs like "Illusions" and "Perish for beauty, midtempo-songs like "Fallen Angel" as well as the semi-ballad "Black dream".

Since "First beams of light" contains new versions of these up to nowaday unreleased Demo-Songs, all the tracks are in the classic, tarditional Power-Metal style. All the songs might also have been on the bands Debut-album "Baneful skies".


Heavy Metal
Iron Glory
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