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Flower Travellin' Band - Satori CD

Label: Phoenix
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ASH 3002CD
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Flower Travellin' Band - Satori CD. All-time classic early 70s heavy progressive hard rock psych beast from Japan! Upon closer inspection this pressing seems to be done on cdr. (sealed)

"Part 1" starts off with the vocalist`s howling wails and stomps it`s way in and out of godzilla`s coming to get you heavy riffs, killing guitar sound, more vocal wails and fades quickly at the end. Massive tune....rules.

"Part 2" is where the real eastern sounding sitar psychedelic feel enters and within the first few lines....

"There is no up or down.....the universe is the only master"

"The sun shines everyday....sun shines everyday"

...I realize that Joe is one of my favorite vocalists on the planet. (His post FTB solo albums don`t live up to this stuff...but some of them are still kool). So, you`ve got godly vocals and then wailing dual guitar/sitar on top of some kinda tribal drum beat. Sounds strange I bet....well, it fuckin kills. Crank the piss out of this and you`ll really be blown away. This is the type of stoned spaced out floating otherworldly vibe bands like Kyuss and others only attempt to imitate but never duplicate. This is the real thing folks. This will never get old.

"Part 3" is where you fall deeper into the trance that is "Satori." A couple low death tolls and the song slowly emerges from the depths as the volume creeps up and the hypnotic spiraling guitar unfolds. The beat is slowed down from "Part 2" while the first few minutes feature the paralyzing fuzzy guitar work of Hideki Ishima. Absolutely kool! Midway the pace picks up and turns into a full on jam with layered guitars, dual leads...and still no vocals. The end mixes up slowed down parts, fast parts and a return to the "Satori" riff, as I like to call it.

"Part 4" picks up in the vein of "Part 1" and has some King Crimson feel in the weirdness of it. More great Joe vocals here and loads more kool guitar/sitar sound. In the middle a jamming harmonica section kicks in and soon it`s dueling guitars and harmonica with a hypnotic rhythm section behind it all. After a few mintues it reverts back to the riff from the beginning and winds down. Unusual and very kool tune.

"Part 5" opens furiously and heavily with drums, guitar, bass all working together. It sounds amazing...and remember this is 1971!! 30 years ago? That`s nuts! I was 3 years old and these guys were crushing! Anyway, it`s on to awesome Joe screaming where he sort of just yells and hollers over the music, which has slowed down to a march now. You`ll be hollering right along with him as it`s almost impossible to resist. Music is tapping into your soul right about now. It then glides into some beautiful mellow guitar soloing that just sings along just where Joe`s vocals left off. Where`s all the gutiar players like this now? I haven`t heard a guitar sing like this in ages. It reminds me of the way Michael Schenker can create a song within a song with his guitar solos. It`s very special. Then it switches back to more Joe yelling and bellowing and eventually picks up the pace back into the heavier and faster opening moments. Very Crimson-ish. A truly unique and massive record that just about eclipses anything you can think of; a must have for all!

Warning: Don't try driving with this in your CD player! You'll get lost in a freaked out hypnotic heavy trance and wind up driving your car up a tree.

Track Listing:

  1. Satori Part 1
  2. Satori Part 2
  3. Satori Part 3
  4. Satori Part 4
  5. Satori Part 5



Prog Rock
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