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Howell, Peter & John Ferdinando - Alice Through the Looking Glas

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Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Alice Through the Looking Glass CD. Reissue of 1969 UK acid folk ultra-rarity, featured in the Pokora books, by the fantastic duo who also delivered classics like Ithaca, Agincourt, Friends and Tomorrow Come Someday.

The musical templates are inspired, Lewis Carroll's surreal poetry is as attractive as ever, and the project is colored by other English psychedelic acts of the era such as the Pink Floyd: indeed, it has been compared elsewhere to a pastoral equivalent of "Piper At The Gates of Dawn".There are numerous highlights scattered throughout the album, but pride of place must go to Jabberwocky, an impressive melange of treated vocals and backward tapes that is worth the price of admission alone. With its drowsy atmosphere, myriad sound effects and languid organ-based sound, 'Alice' certainly invokes the spirit of the psychedelic age, albeit from the perspective of photogenic Middle England rather than hallucinogenic Middle Earth. Rarely can an album or book have ended with a more apposite line: 'Life?, what is it but a dream?" We are pleased as punch to be able to present the compact disc debut of 'Alice' and with extra material, too!


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