JPT Scare Band - Acid Acetate Excursion LP

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JPT Scare Band - Acid Acetate Excursion LP. Hard to find first album of wild 70s acid psych heavy guitar basement jams! Sleeping Sickness and King Rat rule the earth! This album was a limited edition of less than 400 copies pressed in the mid-90s, all had these homemade spray painted/silk screened covers, however, most were black covers with the name in white. This is one of a scarce number of copies that were made with alternate colors...this one is red on gold! Just unearthed out of boxes in my garage from what was left after the looting of the old warehouse back in '05. No thanks to old asshole san antonio record jerkoffs! (m-/ex)

Side One:

  1. Sleeping Sickness (14:18)
  2. Acid Acetate Excursion (6:58)

Side Two:

  1. Slow Sick Shuffle (6:11)
  2. King Rat (12:44)




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