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Kalacakra - Crawling to Lhasa CD

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Kalacakra - Crawling to Lhasa CD "A psychedelic jewel that deserves its mythical, mystical reputation, Kalacakra's "Crawling To Lhasa" contains eight tracks of mantric acid-folk self-released in 1972 by the apparently drugged-out duo of Claus Rauschenbach (guitars, kongas, percussions, vocals, harmonica, slentem) and Heinz Martin (electric guitars, flute, piano, vibraphon, schalmi, cello, violin, synthesizer). Their strange, hippie sense of humor and obsession with the culture of Tibet (the name Kalacakra is the Tibetan term for "wheel of time") results in some fantastically nonsensical, eastern-influenced psychedelia. The album begins with the dark, hypnotic ?Nearby Shiras?, a song about a plague-ravaged town in old Persia; as their crawl to Lhasa continues, Kalacakra venture into zones of lovely folk-strum and raga-rock, before the album wraps up with a deranged and damaged blues stumble called ?Tante Olga?. Garden of Delights do their usual thorough job with this reissue, which boasts a thick booklet full of liner notes (in German and English), reproductions of label art from the original LP and bootleg versions, plus photos of Claus and Heinz looking about as weird and long-haired and hippie-ish as it's possible to get! "


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