Manilla Road - Mark of the Beast CD

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Manilla Road - Mark of the Beast CD. New expanded release with 16-page full color booklet with lyrics, liner notes, more photos and a 4x4 color sticker featuring the lost 1981 2nd album demo recordings from one of the most unique U.S. metal bands ever! After three decades the original demo masters, of what was to become the group's magnificent 2nd album "Dreams of Eschaton," have been unearthed and restored for this single compact disc release!! Included here are the massive 9+ minute epics "Mark of the Beast," "The Avatar," and "Triumvirate" among other all-time Manilla Road classics like "Time Trap" and "Venusian Sea." This release contains some of Mark Shelton's finest guitar and vocal work and bridges the gap between their 70s metal/rock roots and their 80s signature epic metal sound! Featuring artwork by legendary Thin Lizzy artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Track Listing:

1. Mark of the Beast
2. Court of Avalon
3. Avatar
4. Dream Sequence
5. Time Trap
6. Black Lotus
7. Teacher
8. Aftershock
9. Venusian Sea
10. Triumvirate

Personnel: Mark Shelton - Guitar & Vocals, Scott Park - Bass, Rick Fisher - Drums
Press Quotes:

- "The first song, which happens to be the album's eponymous track, has two spectacular solos, the second of which in particular gives me gooseflesh by way of its sheer note-bending madness, spiralling up into a screaming demonic frenzy before suddenly being extinguished...and that's just the beginning!" 93/100 - Ecylopedia Metallum

- "a strange yet spellbinding album, full of long, long songs filled with odd moments of beauty and haunting melody. Of all MR albums I have to say this is the least accessible, and yet, once you tune into it, this is the most affecting and transporting. It may take a long while to get into, but it is the most worth the effort." 4.53/5 - Metal Crypt

- "THE BEST RECORD I HAVE HEARD IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!! GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! To me the best thing you have ever done and I can't imagine topping it but that is always the challenge" - John H. (OPM Records)

- "It's hard to believe that this lost treasure was never released previously, as this disc contains some of their strongest material. I was blown away listening to it, the melodies are superb and the progressive power of the tracks is amazing!" - Tom M. ( review)

- "It would be no delusion to say that this album stands with epics like "Rocka Rolla" & "Sad Wings Of Destiny" & now it can be experienced by anyone." - Ray D. (Chaos Realm)

- "The main thing that I like about Mark of the Beast is that it sounds like an entire album's worth of that Rush song "The Fountain of Lamneth" from their woefully underrated album, Caress of Steel (and to a lesser, but nonetheless important, extent, the Rush song "Cygnus Part 1" from A Farewell to Kings)." - Maelstrom

- "The songs are all influenced by old BLACK SABBATH and HAWKWIND and they are full of atmosphere and dramatic. 9.5/10" - Metal Observer

- "Manilla Road is a band that does not need introductions. A living Legend of the music we love and definitely among the 5 best Epic Metal bands of all time." - Metal Invader (Greece)



Heavy Metal
Mark Shelton
2nd Pressing
Country of Origin:
Made In:
Special Feature:
Free 4x4 sticker inside


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