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Morgen - Morgen CD

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Morgen - Morgen CD A reissue of 1969 psychedelic hard rock album originally released on the Probe label. Also contains 2 bonus tracks with alternate versions. (m-/m-)

"ABC Record's valiant attempt at the 'hip/youth' market, Probe, released many memorable LP's by such groups as Saint Steven and The Litter along with debut offerings by Zephyr, Soft Machine and Rare Bird, but none generate the frenzy at this late date quite like the quartet led by guitarist/vocalist Steve Morgen, first unleashed in 1969. Even before dropping the needle on groove, the stark black-and-white sleeve with inset Edvard Munch lithograph, in contrast to the multicolored hues so prevalent then, makes an immediate statement. And then the music makes another immediate statement... A foreboding bass riff and staccato drumming introduce 'Welcome To The Void', and for the next thirty-eight minutes, one is hurled headlong into a vortex of dual-guitar overload, lyrically woven with romantic and Victorian imagery residing on a tab of microdot. World Psychedelia has at last given this near-perfect album a proper presentation, reproducing the original insert with new transcriptions of the handwritten lyrics and, for the first time, including the rare 7" mono versions of 'She's The Nitetime' and 'Of Dreams'. Radio stations didn't bite on the single, Probe closed up shop, and the world became a decidedly sadder place."

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome to the Void
  2. Of Dreams
  3. Beggin' Your Pardon (Miss Joan)
  4. Eternity In Between
  5. Purple
  6. She's The Nitetime
  7. Love
  8. Of Dreams (single version)
  9. She's The Nitetime (single version)


World Psychedelia
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