Motorhead - British Tour (March 1981) LP

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Motorhead - British Tour (March 1981) LP. Concert tracks from various 1981 shows by this legendary UK power trio featuring the classic line-up of Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddie. Excellent quality master recordings! (m-/m-)

Side One:

  1. Ace of Spades*
  2. Shoot you in the Back***
  3. FIre Fire**
  4. Jailbait*
  5. Bite the Bullet***
  6. The Chase is Better than the Catch***
  7. Capricorn**
  8. Over the Top***

Side Two:

  1. The Hammer*
  2. No Class**
  3. Too Late, Too Late***
  4. Leaving Here*
  5. (We are) the Road Crew*
  6. Overkill**
  7. Bomber**
  8. Motorhead***
  • * Recorded Live at Queens Hall, Leeds UK on March 28, 1981
  • ** Recorded Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK on March 29, 1981
  • *** Recorded Live at Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UK on March 30, 1981



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