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Orange Colored Sky - Orange Colored Sky CD

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Orange Colored Sky - Orange Colored Sky CD. Late 60s pop rock psych record with arrangements and elaborate production, originally released on the Uni label. From the ashes of The Epics, the band Tom Hanks called The Wonders in his popular movie, the band relocated to Southern California in 1968, was signed by Universal, and became ORANGE COLORED SKY. SKY hit big in Los Angeles, appearing in the movie "The Love God" with Don Knotts, in TV commercials with Petula Clark, on The Steve Allen Show, and in all the hot clubs. SKY soon became regulars at the Flamingo, Harrahs, and other major venues in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. In 1970 SKY replaced The Carpenters as Burt Bacharachs opening act. SKY also toured with Frank Sinatra and assisted Governor Ronald Reagans re-election campaign. SKY released the 45 RPM single "Help" in the early 1970s on the People label, but it was the B side, "Press A Rose", that placed on the national charts. Larry Younger and Tony Barry shared lead vocals; unfortunately, Larrys funky, soulful performance couldn't overcome People Records business problems. 6 bonus tracks! (sealed)


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