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Plus - No Pisar El Infinito CD. Debut album by Argentine hard rock legends, first released in 1976. The quartet came into being during a turbulent time, shortly before the coup, through which the country would fall into the hands of the dictatorship. The appearance of Plus' debut album, with the opener 'Noches de Rock 'n' Roll' (Nights of Rock and Roll") put them right up there in Argentina along with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and other large international groups of the time. Plus represented a rock alternative in a scene abounding in fusion (jazz rock, progressive rock hybrids and tango, etc) and hippies; but the band's career was disrupted by censorship and exile of some of its leading figures. At that time, except for Vox Dei, there was hardly another band of such importance in the nation. A total monster album and must have for any fan of 70s hard rock prog obscurities. This one will blow you away!


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