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Polyphony - Without Introduction CD

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Polyphony - Without Introduction CD Reissue of rare U.S. 1971 progressive hard rock album, originally released on the Eleventh Hour label, that just really balls-out jams from start to finish! (sealed)

"Jaw-dropping album from one the US's earliest progressive rock bands -- it is safe to say that dumping an innovative product such as this on an unsuspecting audience, even back in 1972, baffled most listeners, thus a disappearing act which has relegated this gem to the obscurities hall of fame! Their music is dominated by heavy Hammond and an active core of drum play and congo bashing; add to this mix a penchant for surrealistic lyrics and off-center vocals and you get the picture. Try to imagine a band who, upon hearing Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Tarkus for the first time, indulged in heavy amounts of mescaline and dropped by the studio. Assume that they are competent musicians and have carefully considered their music before recording. With that I think you have a vague idea of what this seminal progressive act from America were all about. Is it progressive or psychedelic? The answer is yes. Extremely so!"

Track Listing:

  1. Juggernaut (14:04)
  2. 40 Second Thing in 39 Seconds (1:07)
  3. Ariel's Flight (15:15)
  4. Crimson Dagger (7:05)


Prog Rock
Gear Fab
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