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The Redondos - Full Circle With LP. Limited 300 copies vinyl only. 10 track collection by pre-United Travel Service Band. Painstakingly remastered at KSL. Incl. unreleased originals. Great LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. "Full Circle With The Redondos" is a limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service. Founded in Portland, Oregon, three members of UTS took their first musical steps in the Redondos. Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock n Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folkbeat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time. The Redondos never released any records, but after a serious run through their musical legacy, we have sorted out and remastered their best tracks to a great blend of enjoyable covers and stand-out originals sounding like a rockin' Bobby Fuller Four is meeting the moody beat of the Beau Brummels. For the group, these recordings reflect a special moment in time after a gap of nearly fifty years. Take your chance and share this unforgettable moment on this true labour-of-love release, and come "Full Circle with the Redondos". (sealed)

1. Slammed No Way
2. Why Do I
3. I Know How It Feels
4. True Loves A Flame
5. Johnny B. Goode.

1. Ali The Sneak
2. Long Tall Texan
3. Land Of 1000 Dances
4. I Know How It Feels (Alternate)
5. Farmer John.


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