Rockadrome Store Update - April 21, 2019

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - April 21, 2019


Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest list of some restocks and new items from the past couple weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!



New Arrivals and Restocks!

3 Hur-El - s/t CD
3 Hur-El - Hurel Arsivi CD
451 Degrees - s/t LP
A Bolha - Um Passo A Frente LP (RE)
Achim Reichel - AR5 Autovision CD
Achim Reichel - Ar3 CD
Agape - Live and Unreleased CD
Aguaturbia - Complete Tracks CD
Armaggedon - s/t LP (RE)
Azitis - Help LP (RE)
Bead Game - Baptism LP
Bent Wind - Sussex LP (RE)
Billy Bond - Y LaPesada Del Rock N Roll CD
Billy Bond - Y La Pesada Volumen 3 & 4 CD
Blue Max - Limited Edition CD
Bump - s/t CD
Carpe Diem - EnRegardent Passer Le Temps LP (RE)
Country Lane - Substratum  LP (RE)
Blindside Blues Band - Rare Tracks CD
Centaurus - s/t LP (picture disc)
Children - Rebirth LP (RE)
COB - Spirit of Love CD
CWT - The Hundredweight CD
Day Blindness - s/t CD
Daybreak - s/t CD
Deep - Psychedelic Moods 3-LP (RE)
Devils Kitchen - s/t LP
Douglas Fir - Hard Heart Singin' LP (RE)
Dragonfly - s/t LP (RE)
Dull Knife T-shirt
El Amor - En Vivo CD
Elders, The - Looking for the Answer CD
Ellison - s/t LP (RE)
Ellison - s/t CD
Eloy - s/t LP (RE)
Finchley Boys - Lost Tributes LP
Fraser & Debolt - The Song Was Borne 2-LP
Freedom - Through the Years LP (RE)
Greylock Mansion - s/t LP
Haymarket Square - Magic Lantern CD
Hillow Hammet - Hammer CD
Hiro Yanagida - s/t CD
Irish Coffee - s/t LP (RE)
Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe - Rouen Dreams LP
Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe - Rouen Dreams CD
Juan Dela Cruz - Maskara CD
July - Second of July CD
Kath - 1 2-CD
Kim Jung Mi - Now CD
La Cofradia De Flor Solar - s/t CD
La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata - Hoy CD
Leopold, Perry - Experiments in Metaphysics LP (RE)
Lightning - Lost Studio Album LP
Majic Ship - s/t CD
Magma T-shirt
Mandhylon - Negra Ciudad LP (RE)
Maypole - The Real CD
Megaton - s/t CD (Mexican heavy metal)
Metabolisme - Tempus Fugit LP (RE)
Missus Beastly - Bremen LP
Montevideo Blues - s/t LP (RE)
Mops - Psychedelic Sounds of CD
Morgen - s/t CD
Moving Gelatine Plates - s/t LP (RE)
Nahuatl - s/t CD
Orang-Utan - s/t LP (RE)
Ouba - s/t LP (RE)
P205 - s/t CD
Probe 10 - There Is A Universe LP (RE)
Pugsley Munion - Just Like You CD
Record Vault T-shirt
Ronnie Von - A Maquina Voadora CD
Sacrilege - Turn Back To Trilobyte LP
Scorpions - In Trance T-shirt
Shadrack Chameleon - s/t CD
Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns - s/t CD
Short Cross - Arising CD
Swampgas - s/t CD
T2 - s/t CD
Tapiman - Hard Drive LP
Tetragon - Nature LP (RE)
The Cannibals Vs The Surfadelics - Run, Chicken, Run Volume 1 LP
Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation T-shirt
Toad T-shirt
Toncho Pilatos - s/t CD
Tongue - Keep On Truckin LP (RE)

Trip, The - Time of Change CD
Tyrant - Legions of the Dead LP
Tyrant - Too Late To Pray LP
Tyton - Mind Over Metal LP
VanayWhite Lightning - (
Wally Gonzalez - Wally on the Road CD
Wally Gonzalez - Tunog Pinoy CD
Various Artists - Metal Massacre II LP
, Laurence - Galaxies CD
Underthe Screaming Double) Eagle LP
Wizards From Kansas T-shirt
Wizards From Kansas - s/t CD
Yays & Nays - s/t LP (RE)


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