Rockadrome Store Update - February 9th 2018

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - February 9th 2018

Greetings Music Fans,

We'd like to announce our latest update with a list of some restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!


70s Hard Rock Heavies

I've added an new category called My Top Picks. The first section under this new category is 70s Hard Rock Heavies and contains the list of items available in the store that I consider essential 70s underground heavy gems in the hard rock, prog rock and heavy psych genres. No folky, spacey or dreamy stuff here, that will be another list, this one is for stuff with heavy riffage, in-your-face lead guitar action, balls-out great rockers, quirky hard rockers with magical underground appeal or just flat out great hard rockin albums with awesome songs, vocals and guitar. You can't really go wrong here with any of these killers and you need them now in any format whether it be originals, vinyl reissues, or compact discs!

I will be trying to track down more and more to fill this out, my personal list for these picks has nearly 200 releases on it, many of which are hard to find expensive originals or out of print reissues, so it may take some time to get it up to 200 items but that's the goal.

For now I'm leaving off the obvious stuff like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rush, Thin Lizzy, Budgie and other major label groups with a string of killer records.


Some restocks and new items from the past couple weeks:

13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everwhere LP (RE)
13th Floor Elevators - s/t LP (RE)
Ainigma - Diluvium LP (RE)
Alphataurus - s/t LP (RE)
Andromeda - s/t LP (RE)
Arcesia - Reachin LP (RE)
Avalanche - Perseverance Kills LP (RE)
Azitis - Help LP (RE)
Bachs, The - Out of The Bachs LP (RE)
Bang - Death of a Country LP (RE)
Bang - s/t LP (RE)
Bang - Mother/ Bow to the King LP (RE)
Blackwater Park - Dirt Box CD
Blind Ravage - s/t LP (RE)
Budgie - s/t LP (RE)
Budgie - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend LP (RE)
Bunalim - s/t CD
Cal - Homegrown LP (RE)
Captain Marryat - s/t CD
Cardboard Village - Sea Change LP (RE)
Charlies - Buttocks LP (RE)
Chicken Bones - Hardrock in Concert LP (RE)
Circus - s/t CD
Color Humano - II LP (RE)
Complex - The Way we Feel CD
Concept - Invasion CD
Concept - Supra Surge CD
Cosmic Michael - s/t LP (RE)
Crystalaugur - Terranaut LP (RE)
D.R. Hooker - The Truth LP (RE)
D.R. Hooker - Armageddon LP (RE)
Da Capo - s/t LP (RE)
Daybreak - s/t CD
Deep, The - Psychedelic Moods of the Deep 3-LP (RE)
Demon Fuzz - Afreaka! LP (RE)
Dies Irae - First LP (RE)
Douglas Fir - Hard Heartsingin LP (RE)
Earthen Vessel - Hard Rock Everlasting Life LP (RE)
Eiliff - s/t LP (RE)
El Alamo - Malos Pensamientos LP (RE)
Electric Sandwich - s/t CD
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone 2-LP (RE)
Ellison - s/t LP (RE)
Emtidi - s/t LP (RE)
England - s/t CD
Ergo Sum - Mexico LP (RE)
Ertlif - Relics from the Past 1974-1975 LP
Ertlif - 2-LP (RE)
Eternity - s/t LP (RE)
Fairfield Ski - s/t LP (RE)
Fapardokly - s/t CD
Faunkhauser & HMS Bounty - Things LP (RE)
Ferris Wheel - Supernatural Girl CD
Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere LP(+CD) (RE)
Gaslight - s/t CD
Gift - s/t LP (RE)
Gift - Blue Apple LP (RE)
Gnidrolog - In Spite of Harry's Toe Nail CD
Golem - Orion Awakes LP (RE)
Graphite - Chestnut Loke LP
Hairy Chapter - Can't Get Through LP (RE)
Highway - s/t LP (RE)
Highway - s/t CD
Host - Hardt Mot Hardt LP (RE)
Host - Pa Sterke Vinger LP (RE)
Ikarus - s/t LP (RE)
Irish Coffee - s/t LP (RE)
J.D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy LP (RE)
Jade - Fly On LP (RE)
Jody Grind - Far Canal LP (RE)
Light of Darkness - s/t LP (RE)
Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You LP (RE)
Magic - Enclosed LP (RE)
Mary Butterworth - s/t LP (RE)
Mason - Harbour LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - Choice Cuts LP (RE)
May Blitz - Essen 1970 LP
McChurch Soundroom - Delusion LP (RE)
Mckenna Mendelson Blues - s/t LP (RE)
Milt Matthews Inc - For the People LP (RE)
Mirkwood - s/t LP (RE)
Morgen - s/t LP (RE)
Moses - Changes CD
Motorhead - Bomber LP (RE)
Motorhead - Iron Fist LP (RE)
Mountain Bus - Sundance LP (RE)
My Solid Ground - s/t LP (RE)
Necronomicon - Tips Zum Selbstmord LP (RE)
Nosferatu - s/t LP (RE)
O Terco - Terco LP (RE)
Orang-Utan - s/t LP (RE)
Pax - May God and Your Will LP (RE)
Procession - Frontiera LP (RE)
Rag I Ryggen - s/t LP (RE)
Reign Ghost - s/t LP (RE)
Reign Ghost - Featuring Lynda Squires LP (RE)
Rockcelona - La Bruja LP (RE)
Royal Servants - We LP (RE)
Short Cross - Arising LP (RE)
Shiver - Walpurgis LP pic disc (RE)
Siloah - s/t LP (RE)
Siloah - Sukram Gurk LP (RE)
Simones - Enchanted Forest LP (RE)
Skull - Sometime Yesterday Mourning 7"
Tarbaby - February CD
Tetragon - Nature LP (RE)
Thin Lizzy - Shades of a Blue Orphanage LP (RE)
Third Power - Believe CD
Titus Oates - Jungle Lady LP (RE)
Toad  - s/t CD
Tomorrow's Gift - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Touch - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Touch - Street Suite LP (RE)
Tripsichord - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Truk - Truk Tracks LP (RE)
Truth and Janey - Topeka Jam 2-LP
Unison - s/t LP (RE)
Various Artists - Heavy Prog Fall Out CD
Various Artists - Smokin' & Trippin' CD
White Summer - s/t LP (RE)
Wicked Lady - Psychotic Overkill LP (RE)
Wildwood - Plastic People LP (RE)


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