Rockadrome Store Update - June 16, 2021

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - June 16, 2021

Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome label release and a list of some restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!





JERUSALEM - Jerusalem LP. Gatefold cover vinyl reissue of stunning 1972 UK heavy rock monster produced by Ian Gillan, originally released on the Deram/Decca label. Requests have been pouring in for a repress of the vinyl version of this classic and now it's finally on the way! Gate-fold cover near-exact reissue, right down to the labels, of this illustrious collector favorite and downright savage early 70s proto-metal hard rock beast of an album. Remastered for vinyl direct from the original master tapes. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Lyrics are inside the gatefold cover. File this under “must-have” reissue! (sealed, m/m) 

In the News: The group Monster Magnet has recorded a cover version of Jerusalem's classic track "When the Wolf Sits" for their new album, "A Better Dystopia," out now.

In addition to standard black vinyl, there are 100 copies on TRANSLUCENT GREEN VINYL reserved for Rockadrome store customers only! You also get a cover art sticker while they last.



9:30 FLy - s/t CD
AC/DC - Live At Atlantic Studios LP (RE)
Aggregation - Mind Odyssey CD
Alamo - s/t CD
Amish - s/t CD
Apryl Fool - s/t LP (RE)
Argus - s/t LP
Ash Ra Tempel - s/t LP (RE)
Ash Ra Tempel - Join Inn LP (RE)
Axxe - Through The Night 7-Inch (RE)
B.F. Trike - s/t CD
Badger Bell Band - Faceless Gang CD
Banchee - s/t / Thinkin CD
Baphomet - s/t LP
Bear Mountain Band - One More Day CD
Bitches Sin - Predator CD
Black Hole - Land of Mystery LP (RE)
Black Merda - s/t LP (RE)
Black Oak Arkansas - X-Rated CD
Black Sabbath - Europe 1970 Live and Sessions 2-CD
Black Sabbath - Never Say Die Tour 1978 CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Lausanne April 1970 CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 1975 2-LP
Black Sabbath - Live in Brussels 1970 LP
Black Sabbath - War Pigs - Early Sessions LP
Blackfeather - Live (Sunbury) CD
Blacksmith - Fire From Within LP
Blast Furnace - s/t LP (RE)
Bleak House - Chasing the Wind MLP
Bliss - s/t LP (RE)
Blitz - 1978 EP CD-R
Blitzkrieg - The Mists of Avalon 2-LP
Blues Creation - Demon and Eleven Children LP (RE)
Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground CD
Bolder Damn - Mourning LP (RE)
Bolin, Tommy - Captured Raw 1973-1976 CD
Boomerang - s/t CD
Brats - The Lost Tapes: Copenhagen 1979 LP
Breaker - In the Days of Heavy Metal CD
Brenner, Vytas - La Ofrenda De Vytas LP (RE)
Brocas Helm - Demonstrations of Might 2-LP
Budgie - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend LP (RE)
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock LP (RE)
Buffalo - Dead Forever LP (RE)
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock/Only Want You CD
Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remember Dying CD
Carol Of Harvest - s/t LP (RE)
Carpe Diem - En Regardent Passer Le Temps LP (RE)
Catapilla - s/t LP (RE)
Catapilla - Changes LP (RE)
Challengers - s/t CD
Chameleon - Rising CD
Champignons - Premiere Capsule LP (RE)
Charlies - Buttocks CD
Chen, Shinki - Shinki Chen and Friends CD
Children - Rebirth CD
Children of One - s/t LP (RE)
Christopher - s/t LP (RE)
Christopher - Whatcha Gonna Do LP (RE)
Cloven Hoof - Opening Ritual LP (RE)
Cloven Hoof - Dominator LP (RE)
Cold Mourning - Colder Than Thou LP
Comus - First Utterance LP (RE)
Constant Sound - The Constant Sound LP (RE)
Cornucopia - Full Horn LP (RE)
Cosa Nostra - s/t CD
Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Souls LP (RE)
Crossrode - s/t CD
Crystal Syphon - Family Evil/Elephant Ball 2-CD
Culpeppers Orchard - s/t LP (RE)
Czar - s/t LP (RE)
Deep, The - Psychedelic Moods 3-LP (RE)
Deep, The - Psychedelic Moods CD
Deep Purple - Live in Amsterdamn 1969 CD
Deerfield - Nil Desperandum CD
Def Leppard - First Strikes 1978-79 CD
Def Leppard - Live At The BBC 1979-1980 LP
Dervieux, Franck - Dimension M LP (RE)
Desolation Angels - s/t + Valhalla CD
Destruction - Infernal Overkill LP (RE)
Destruction - Eternal Devastation LP (RE)
Devil's Kitchen - s/t LP
Dionysos - Le Prince Croule LP (RE)
Dionysos - Le Grand Jew LP (RE)
Dogfeet - s/t LP (RE)
Dragonfly - s/t LP (RE)
Dragonmilk - Wolfman Macabre CD
Drake, Nick - Pink Moon LP (RE)
Drake, Nick - Five Leaves Left LP (RE)
Dschinn - s/t CD
Earth/Flying Hat Band - Coming of the Heavy Lords CD
Earthforce - s/t LP
Eden - s/t LP (RE)
Egg - Saturn 2-LP
Eiliff - s/t LP (RE)
Elderberry Jak - Long Overdue CD
Elias Hulk - Unchained LP (RE)
Enchanter - Defenders of the Realm LP
Epizootic - Daybreak LP (RE)
Eudoxis - Open Fire LP (RE)
Fable - Get The L Outta Here LP
Fanny Adams - s/t CD
Fapardokly - s/t CD
Fat - Fat/Footloose CD
Faxx - s/t CD
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori LP (RE)
Flower Travellin' Band - Make Up CD
Flower Travellin' Band - Made in Japan LP (RE)
Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere CD
Free Will - Cold Cold Morning 2-LP
Full Moon - Full Moon (Complete Recordings 1980-82)
GAA - Auf der Bahn Zum Uranus CD
Gandalf - s/t CD
Gaslight - s/t  CD
Genesis - Live in Belgium 1972 CD
Ghost - When You're Dead One Second CD
Gotham City - The Unknown+ CD
Grail - s/t CD
Hands - Caviar Bobsled CD
Hard Stuff - Bulletproof LP (RE)
Harumi - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Heavy Load - Metal Conquest LP (RE)
Helpful Soul - First Album LP (RE)
Heyoka - The Spirit of Revelation 2-LP
Heyoka - The Spirit of Revelation CD
Heyoka - Secret Revelations 1978-1986 CD
Heyoka - Live In Houston 1982 CD-R
Highway - s/t LP (RE)
Hooker - Rock & Roll LP
Hunger - Strictly From Hunger CD
Hypnos - The Mountain 7-Inch
Insane - Striptease LP (RE)
Insane - Striptease CD
Intensity - Polamides LP
Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes+ CD
Iron Maiden - Live at Reading Festival 1980 LP
Ironhawk - To The Point LP (RE)
Jaguar - Power Games CD
Jason Crest - A Place in the Sun LP
Jericho - s/t CD
Jethro Tull - Live In Essen Jan 1972 CD
Jonah Quizz - Ultimate Anthology CD
Jonah Quizz - Ultimate Anthology LP
Josefus - s/t CD
Josefus - Not Dead Yet LP (RE)
Josefus - Not Dead Yet CD
Judas Priest - Live at the Palladium, NY 1981 LP
Judas Priest - Live at the Palladium, NY 1981 CD
Judas Priest - Mother Sun LP
Kalevala - People No Names/Boogie Jungle CD
Keith Tippett Group - Dedicated To You LP (RE)
Kim Jung Mi - s/t CD
Kopperfield - Tales Untold CD
Koray, Erkin - 2 LP (RE)
Kraftwerk - 1 LP (RE)
Kraftwerk - 2 LP (RE)
La Cofradia De Flor Solar - s/t CD
Lafauci - s/t CD
Led Zeppelin - Live in Orlando 1971 CD
Legend - s/t CD
Legend - From the Fjords LP+CD (RE)
Legend - From the Fjords CD
Les Lutins - En Orbite Vol. 2 LP (RE)
Les Sinners - Satan LP (RE)
Locomotive - s/t CD
Lucifer's Friend - s/t CD
Mad Season - Live Performance LP
Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Volume Two LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Roakill/Raw Tapes LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Dreams of Eschaton 2-LP
Manilla Road - Mystification LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Dreams of Eschaton CD
Manilla Road - Courts of Chaos LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Open the Gates LP (RE)
Manilla Road - The Deluge LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - Nickelodeon CD
May Blitz - Essen 1970 LP
Maypole - s/t CD
Merkin - Music From Merkin Manor CD
Metal Mirror - English Booze 7-Inch (RE)
Metallica - Fuck LP
Metallica - Live in Gothenburg 1987 CD
Michael Angelo - The Guinn Album LP (RE)
Militia - The Sybling EP (RE)
Morse Code Transmission - s/t LP (RE)
Moving Sidewalks - Flash LP (RE)
Mythra - Death and Destiny LP (RE)
New Tweedy Brothers - New Tweedy Bros LP (RE)
Niagara - Now or Never Lp
Nirvana - Story of Simon Simopath LP (RE)
Nitro Function - Billy Cox's Nitro Function CD
Obsessed - Lunar Womb LP (RE)
Orfeus - Lying to the Wall LP (RE)
Overkill - Triumph Of The Will LP
Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix LP (RE)
Oz Knozz - Live Mix LP
Panta Rei - s/t CD
Pariah - The Kindred LP
Perth County Conspiracy - s/t LP (RE)
Pesky Gee - Exclamation Mark CD
Pollen - s/t LP (RE)
Pretty Things - Electric Banana Sessions LP
Progresiv TM - Dreptul De A Visa CD
PSI Com - s/t LP (RE)
Pugma-Ho - Pugma-Ho! CD
Raisin Kane - It's About Time CD
Rapid Tears - Cry for Mercy CD
Raw Deal - Cut Above the Rest LP
Red Bud Thunder - American Rock n Roll CD
Renegade - Last Warrior LP (RE)
Riot - Archives Volume 1 CD/DVD
Rising - Inside the Universe CD
Ritual - Widow CD
Ritual - Widow LP(+7-inch) (RE)
Ritual - Surrouned By Death LP (RE)
Rush - Hemispheres in Concert 1978 2-CD
Saint Vitus - Marbles in the Moshpit LP
Samurai - Kappa CD
San Ul Lim - First CD
San Ul Lim - 3 CD
Sanctus - Studio Demos and Live 1980 2-CDR
Satan - Court in the Act CD
Scorpions - Virgin Killer LP (RE)
Seger, Bob - Back in '72 CD
Sex - The End of My Life LP (RE)
Shaggy - Lessons for Beginners CD
Shortcross - Arising CD
Shotgun - Dallasian Rock LP
Shotgun - Dallasian Rock CD
Sixty Nine - Circle of the Crayfish CD
Slaughter - Strappado LP (RE)
Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill CD
Sleepy John - s/t CD
Spiny Norman - s/t LP
Spring - Two LP
SRC - s/t LP (RE)
Stack - Above All CD
Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecilia Elektra Recordings CD
Stone Harbour - Emerges LP (RE)
Stormwitch - The Beauty and the Beast LP (RE)
Stud - s/t LP (RE)
Tangerine - Peeling Of CD
Tank - Filth Hounds of Hades CD
Toad - s/t CD
Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade..The Night Before LP
Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade..The Night Before CD
Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade LP (RE)
Tomorrow's Gift - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Tredegar - s/t CD
Triana - El Patio LP+CD (RE)
Trident - Power of the Trident 2-CD
Trident - Power of the Trident 2-LP
UFO - Flying LP (RE)
Various Artists - NWOBHM at the BBC Vol 2 2-LP
Various Artists - Electric Holyland LP
Variuos Artists - St. Albert's Dream vol 2 LP
Various Artists - Heavy Prog Fallout CD
Various Artists - Necrocopia CD
Various Artists - Satan's Party LP
Various Artists - Psychedelic States: Maryland 2-CD
Velvett Fogg - s/t LP (RE)
Wakefield - The Lost Warthog Tapes CD
Warhead - s/t CD
Warhorse - s/t LP (RE)
Warhorse - Red Sea LP (RE)
Warlord - Deliver Us LP (RE)
Warrior - Let Battle Commence LP (RE)
Wildfire - Smokin' LP (RE)
Witchcross - Fit For Fight CD
Wizard - s/t CD
Woods Band - s/t LP (RE)
Workman, Billy - s/t CD
Yes - Live At Roosevelt Stadium 1976 LP


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