Rockadrome Store Update - November 24th, 2019

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - November 24th, 2019


Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome store list of some restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!


Restocks and New Arrivals:

Akritas - s/t CD
Alva - Ja Tik Butu LP (RE)
Andwella's Dream - Love and Poetry LP (RE)
Armageddon - s/t CD
Arzachel - s/t LP (RE)
Aunt Mary - Loaded CD
Bachdenkel - Stalingrad LP (RE)
Bashful Alley - It's About Time LP
Beauregarde - s/t CD
Bitches Sin - First Temptation CD
Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich CD
Black Merda - s/t CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 1975 2-LP
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 1975 2-CD
Black Sabbath - War Pigs - Early Sessions (1969-1970) LP
Black Sabbath - Live in Dumfries 1969 CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Hartford 1980 CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Montreaux 1970 CD
Black Sheep - s/t CD
Black Sheep - Encouraging Words CD
Blackfeather - Live Sunbury CD
Blue Cheer - New Improved LP (RE)
Blues Creation - Demon and Eleven Children LP (RE)
Blues Creation - Live! 2-LP
Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man+ CD
Boomerang - s/t CD
Budgie - Live at the BBC 1972 LP
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock/Only Want You For Your Body CD
Buffalo - Only Want Your For Your Body LP (RE)
Bull Angus - s/t CD
Cactus - Restrictions CD
Chasar - Gypsy Roller CD
Chen, Shinki - s/t LP (RE)
Cravinkel - Garden of Lonliness CD
Creepy John Thomas - Brother Bat Bone LP (RE)
Czar - s/t LP (RE)
Damascus - Cold Horizon CD
Damascus - Cold Horizon LP
Deep Purple - Live in Amsterdam 1969 CD
Def Leppard - Live at the BBC 1979-1980 LP
Demon Pact - Released From Hell LP
Destruction - Cracked Brain LP (RE)
Diamond Head - Live at the BBC 1982 LP
Ethel The Frog - s/t LP (RE)
Exodus - Bonded By Blood LP (RE)
Fantasy - Paint a Picture LP (RE)
Flower Travellin Band - Make Up 2-LP (RE)
Flower Travellin Band - Anywhere LP (RE)
Flower Travellin Band - Made In Japan LP (RE)
Flower Travellin Band - Satori LP (RE)
Free - Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 CD
Full Moon - s/t CD
GAA - Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus CD
Gash - A Young Man's Gash LP (RE)
Geddes Axe - Aftermath LP
Genesis - In the Beginning CD
Gila - s/t CD
Godz - s/t / Nothing is Sacred CD
Gracious - Is...Gracious! LP (RE)
Greenwood, Nicholas - Cold Cuts CD
Griffin - Flight of the Griffin CD
Grupa Dah - Veliki Circus CD
Hackensack - Up the Hardway LP (RE)
Heritage - Remorse Code LP (RE)
Holocaust - Inside the Power Cage 2-LP
Horse - s/t LP (RE)
Incredible Hog - s/t LP (RE)
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire LP (RE)
Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes and More Early Tracks LP
Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes And Rare Early Tracks 1978-1981 CD
Jag Panzer - Chain of Command LP
Jag Panzer - Shadow Thief LP
Janus - Gravedigger LP (RE)
Jenghiz Khan - Well Cut CD
Jericho Jones - Junkies Monkeys & Donkies CD
Jolliver Arkansaw - Home LP (RE)
Josefus = Dead Man LP (RE)
Junipher Greene - Friendship CD
Kin Ping Meh - No. 2 LP (RE)
King Diamond - Fatal Portrait LP (RE)
Kornelyans - Not at Ordinary Life LP (RE)
La Fachada De Piedra - The Stone Facade CD
Majority One - s/t CD
Maki, Carmen - Carmen Maki Blues Creation LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Invasion LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - A Toast to Panama Red CD
Master's Apprentices - A Toast to Panama Red LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - Choice Cuts CD
Master's Apprentices - Choice Cuts LP (RE)
Mecki Mark Men - s/t LP (RE)
Mizutani, Kimio - A Path Through the Haze LP (RE)
Mogul Thrash - s/t LP (RE)
Mogul Thrash - s/t CD
Motorhead - Over Kill LP (RE)
Motorhead - Live In Glasgow 1982 CD

Mushroom - Early One Morning LP (RE)
Niagara - s/t LP (RE)
Offenbach - s/t CD
Onslaught - Power from Hell LP (RE)
Orang-Utan - s/t CD
Other Half - s/t CD
Possessed - Beyond the Gates LP (RE)
Queen - Redlight Blues LP
Queen - Cult Dimension LP
Queen - Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1975 CD
Ranmadou - 1971 Summer CD
Reaction - s/t CD
Riot - Archives Volume 1: 1976-1981 2-LP/DVD
Riot - Archives Volume 1: 1976-1981 CD/DVD
Riot - Archives Volume 2: 1982-1983 CD/DVD
Ritual - Widow LP (RE)
Rush - Live at St. Catherines April 1974 LP
Rush - Live at Electric Lady Studios 1974 CD
Savage Thrust - Eat 'Em Raw LP (RE)
Scorpions - Live in Tokyo 1979 CD
Second Life - s/t LP (RE)
Sir Lord Baltimore - s/t LP (RE)
Southern Cross - s/t CD
Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecelia CD
Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek CD
Stormwitch - Tales of Terror LP (RE)
Strawberry Path - When the Raven Has Come to the Earth LP (RE)
Sunday - s/t LP (RE)
T.P. Smoke - s/t CD
T.P. Smoke - s/t LP (RE)
T2 - It'll All Workout in Boomland LP (RE)
Third World War - s/t LP (RE)
Thunderduk - s/t CD
Toad - s/t CD
Toad - Tomorrow Blue CD
Tomorrow's Gift - Goodbye Future CD
Too Much - s/t CD
Too Much - s/t LP (RE)
Traitor's Gate - Devil Takes the High Road LP
Trip - The Trip LP (RE)
UFO - Live at the Electric Ballroom LP
UFO - Live at the BBC 1974-1975 LP
UFO - Live in Atlanta 1974 CD
Uriah Heep - Live in San Diego 1974 LP
Uriah Heep - Crystal Ball 1971-1974 2-LP
Valhalla - First Utterance LP (RE)
Warhorse - s/t LP (RE)
Warhorse - Red Sea LP (RE)
Whalefeathers - Declare LP (RE)
Witch Cross - Fighting Back The Studio Anthology 1983-1985 CD
Xhol Caravan - Electrip LP (RE)
Yanagida, Hiro - s/t LP (RE)
Yesterday's Children - s/t LP (RE)
Yu Grupa - Kako to da svaki dan CD
Zerfas - s/t CD


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