Rockadrome Store Update - Sept 13, 2022

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - Sept 13, 2022

Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to update from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome label release and a list of some restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!




Excavated from the archives of a long-time roadie and brought back from the brink of disintegration comes this double album collection of live recordings made over several nights in Topeka, Kansas circa 1974. The celebrated Iowa hard rock trio is captured here in raw form doing what they did best, stretching out into extended jam sessions featuring heavy guitar action from Billylee Janey, booming fuzz bass from Steve Bock, and Denis Bunce locked in the zone behind his drum kit. "Midnight Horsemen," originally released as a 3-minute single in 1972, is featured here as a side-long 22-minute jam and is a prime example of vintage Truth and Janey. Also included are several previously unreleased songs which have not been heard in over 40 years, as well as early versions of "Down the Road" and "My Mind," from their 1976 underground hard rock classic debut album, "No Rest for the Wicked." (NEW)

Side One ::  Midnight Horsemen (22:34)
Side Two ::  Help Me (6:53)  Country Fever (6:08)  My Mind (7:17)
Side Three ::  Trains Must Roll (19:54)
Side Four ::  Cut and Dried (4:44)  Down the Road (4:51)  Around and Around (4:29)

Limited edition (100) strawberry pink vinyl available exclusively from the Rockadrome online shop!


Restocks and New Arrivals!

44 Magnum - The Live LP (JP)
Ache - Green Man LP (RE)
After All - s/t CD
Aggregation - Mind Odyssey CD
Akira Takasaki - Tusk Of Jaguar LP (JP)
Albatross - Rockin' The Sky CD
Ame Son -Catalyse LP (RE)
Amish - s/t CD
Andwellas Dream - Love and Poetry LP (RE)
Angel - Helluva Band LP (JP)
Anthem - Ready To Ride EP (JP)
Aquila - s/t CD
Arc - At This LP (RE)
Arcadium - Breathe Awhile LP (RE)
Armageddon - s/t CD
Arzachel - s/t LP (RE)
Arzachel - s/t CD
Asoka - s/t LP (RE)
Aunt Mary - Loaded LP (RE)
Banchee - s/t / Thinkin CD
Bang - Mother Bow to the Kind / Death of a Country CD
Bitches Sin - Predator CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 1975 2-CD
Black Sabbath - Live In Lausanne 1970 CD
Blackhorse - s/t CD
Blessed End - Moving On CD
Blind Ravage - s/t CD
Bliss - s/t CD
Blues Creation - Live 2-LP (RE)
Blues Creation - Demon and Eleven Children LP (RE)
Blues Creation & Carmen Maki - s/t CD
Bob Seger - Brand New Morning CD
Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man CD
Bodine - s/t LP 
Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground CD
Bonnet, Graham - Line-Up LP (JP)
Boot - s/t CD
Bread, Love and Dreams - Amaryllis CD
Bronx - Illusion of Mr. Morphine LP (JP)
Budgie - Live At A&M Studios 1978 2-LP
Budgie - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend LP (RE)
Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remember Dying CD
Butler - s/t CD
Cactus - Restrictions CD
Catapilla - s/t CD
Charlee - s/t CD
Charlee - s/t LP (RE)
Charlies - Buttocks CD
Chen, Shinki - Shinki Chen & His Friends CD
Chen, Shinki - Shinki Chen & His Friends LP (RE)
Children - Rebirth CD
Christmas - Heritage CD
Circus - s/t CD
Cross, Keith & Peter Ross - Bored Civilians CD
Cross Winds - Murder At Midnight LP
Czar - s/t LP (RE)
Day Blindness - s/t CD
Devil's Anvil - Hard Rock from the Middle East CD
Dew - Live CD
Diabolus - s/t CD
Dias De Blues - s/t CD
Dirty Martha - This Is It CD
Doctor Downtrip - s/t LP (RE)
Dr Z - Three Parts to My Soul CD
Dryewater - Southpaw CD
Drywater - Backbone Of The Nation CD
Dug Dugs - Smog LP (RE)
Dull Knife - Electric Indian CD
Dust - s/t LP (RE)
Earth - Coming of the Heavy Lords CD
Earthshaker - s/t LP (JP)
Earthshaker - Arigato Kimini EP (JP)
El Tarro de Mostaza - s/t CD
Electric Sandwich - s/t LP (RE)
Elonkorjuu - Harvest Time LP (RE)
Europe - s/t LP (JP)
Estus - s/t CD
Exit - s/t CD
Fanny Adams - s/t CD
Far East Family Band - Tenkujin CD
Far East Family Band - Parallel World CD
Flower Travellin' Band - Make Up 2-LP
Fogerty, John - Hoodoo Lost Album CD
Food - Forever is a Dream CD
Formula 3 - Dies Irae CD
Funky Junction - Play a Tribute to Deep Purple CD
Fuse - s/t CD
Genesis - In The Beginning CD
George Murasaki & Mariner - Mariner Two LP (JP)
Gift - Blue Apple CD
Gila - s/t CD
Ginhouse - s/t CD
Glass Menagerie - BBC Sessions 1968-69 LP
Gracious - This is Gracious LP (RE)
Grail - s/t CD
Granicus - s/t CD
Greenwood, Nicholas - Cold Cuts CD
Guru Guru - UFO CD
Guru Guru - Kanguru CD
Haines Band, Norman - Den of Iniquity LP (RE)
Haymarket Square - Magic Lantern CD
Head Machine - Orgasm CD
Headband - A Song For Tooley CD
Heavy Load - Swedish Conquest Live CD
Help - s/t / Second Coming CD
Hero - s/t CD
Hiller, Bruce - A Gentle Beginning LP
Holden, Randy - Population II CD
Homer - Grown in the USA CD
Horse - s/t LP (RE)
Human Beast - Volume One LP (RE)
Iron Maiden - Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1982 2-LP
Iron Maiden - Live In Tokyo 1981 2-LP
Iron Maiden - Live at the Rainbow 1980 CD
Ivory - s/t CD
Jaguar - Power Games CD
Jasper Wrath - s/t CD
Jenghiz Khan - Well Cut CD
Jericho Jones - Junkies Monkeys and Donkeys CD
Jethro Tull - Live in Essen 1972 2-LP
Judas Priest - Mother Sun LP
Judas Priest - Live at the Palladium, NY 1981 LP
Judas Priest - Live at the Palladium, NY 1981 CD
Judas Priest - Live in New York 1979 CD
Kim Jung Mi - Wind CD
Kin Ping Meh - s/t CD
Kin Ping Meh - No. 2 LP (RE)
Kiss - Early Studio Demos 1973 CD
Kiss - Alive! In Winterland 1975 CD
Kiss - Alive! In Tokyo April 1977 LP
Kopperfield - Tales Untold CD
Kristyl - s/t CD
La Fachada de Piedra - The Stone Facade CD
Led Zeppelin - Live in Orlando 1971 CD
Led Zeppelin - Live at Filmore West 1969 LP
Leviathan - s/t CD
Lincoln St Exit - Drive It! LP (RE)
Listening - s/t CD
Locust - The Shadow CD
Loudness - Devil Soldier LP (JP)
Loudness - Law of Devil's Land LP (JP)
Loudness - So Lonely 7-Inch (JP)
Lucifer's Friend - s/t CD
Mac Arthur - II CD
Magnum Bonum - Crazy Feelins LP (JP)
Majoran - s/t EP (JP)
Mari Hamada - Lunatic Doll LP (JP)
Mari Hamada - Romantic Night LP (JP)
Marino - Target LP (JP)
Master's Apprentices - Nickelodeon CD
Master's Apprentices - Nickelodeon LP (RE)
May Blitz - s/t CD
May Blitz - 2nd of May LP (RE)
Maypole - The Real CD
McCully Workshop - s/t CD
Metal Church - Live In Mounds View 1985 CD
Metallica - Live in Gothenburg 1987 CD
Metallica - Early Demos 1982-1983 LP
Misako Honjoh - Trigger LP (JP)
Misako Honjoh - 13th LP (JP)
Moby Dick - s/t CD 
Mogul Thrash - s/t CD
Molly Hatchet - Live at the Agora Ballroom 1979 CD
Moore, Gary - Rockin' Every Night Live In Japan LP (JP)
Motorhead - British Tour (March 1981) LP
Monument - Vol. 1 CD
Moon - Ray Owen's Moon CD
Murasaki - Impact LP (JP)
Mushroom - Early One Morning LP (RE)
New Age - Neptuned LP
New Trolls - UT LP (JP)
Nirvana - Local Anaesthetic LP (RE)
October - After the Fall CD
Orang-Utan - s/t CD
Orphann - Up For Adoption CD
Osanna - Palepoli CD
Oxfords - Flying Up From the Sky CD
Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix CD
Pan - s/t CD
Panta Rei - s/t CD
Paper Garden - s/t CD
Pink Floyd - Live at KQED 1970 CD
Plastic Cloud - s/t CD
Powerhouse - s/t LP (RE)
Prophecies - Heart of Renaissance LP (JP)
Pugh's Place - West One LP (RE)
Pugsley Munion - Just Like You CD
Queen - Live At Earl's Court 1977 2-LP
Queen - Live In Boston 1976 2-LP
Queen - Live in Budapest 1986 2-LP
Queen - Live at the Hammersmith 1975 CD
Queens Nectarine Machine - Mystical Powers of Roving Tarot CD
Quick Change - Someone Is Watching Me 7-Inch
Raisin Kane - It's About Time CD
Reaction - s/t CD
Red Bud Thunder - American Rock n Roll CD
Riot - Rock City LP (JP)
Rock Island - s/t CD
Rumplestiltskin - s/t LP (RE)
Rush - Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984 LP
Rust - Come With Me CD
Sainte Anthony's Fyre - s/t LP
Samuel Prody - s/t LP (RE)
Samurai (Japan) - s/t CD
Samurai (UK) - s/t CD
Satan - Court in the Act CD
Satin Whale - Whalecome 2-CD
Saxon - The Best LP
Scorpions - Live in Tokyo 1979 CD
Scorpions - Live In Tokyo 1978 LP
Second Life - s/t LP (RE)
Shadrack Chameleon - s/t LP (RE)
Sir Lord Baltimore - s/t CD
Sir Lord Baltimore - s/t LP (RE)
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come CD
Sirius - Rising CD
Sixty Nine - Circle of the Crayfish CD
Slayer - Live Intrusion 1995 LP
Slayer - Hand of Doom 1986-2009 LP
Sledgehammer - Blood on their Hands CD
Sleepy John - s/t CD
Soft Machine - s/t CD
Soup - s/t CD
Speed, Glue & Shinki - s/t CD
Starz - s/t LP (JP)
Steel Mill - Green Eyed God CD
Stepson - s/t CD
Stingray - Legend EP (JP)
Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek CD
Strider - Misunderstood CD
T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland LP (RE)
Thin Lizzy - Pink Morning LP
Think - We'll Give You A Buzz CD
Third World War - s/t / 2 CD
Third World War - s/t LP (RE)
Third World War - 2 LP (RE)
Thunderduk - s/t CD
Thus - All Of Thus CD
Toad - Tomorrow Blue CD
Toad - Dreams CD
Tomorrow's Gift - Goodbye Future CD
Too Much - s/t LP (RE)
Totty - Totty Too CD
Touch - Street Suite CD
Tredegar - s/t CD
Truth and Janey - Topeka Jam 2-LP
Tucky Buzzard - Coming On Again CD
UFO - Live at the Electric Ballroom 1975 LP
Universe - s/t CD
Uriah Heep - Live In Boston 1976 CD
Valhalla - s/t LP (RE)
Various Artists - NWOBHM at the BBC vol 2 2-LP
Various Artists - Metal Warning 2-LP (JP)
Various Artists - Skull Thrash Zone vol 1 LP (JP)
Velvett Fogg - s/t CD
Whalefeathers - 2nd album CD
Whichwhat - Whichwhat's First CD
White Witch - s/t CD
White Witch - A Spritual Greeting CD
Wishbone Ash - Live in New Jersey 1974 CD
Wits End - Rock and By God Roll CD
Wizard - s/t CD
Yesterday's Children - s/t LP (RE)
Z-Sect - N.O.V. EP (JP)
Zerfas - s/t CD


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