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Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek CD

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Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek CD. Digi-pak reissue of excellent 1971 bluesy heavy rock album from the UK. Amazingly, I've never seen a vinyl reissue of this one. (sealed)

Track Listing:

  1. Stonehouse Creek
  2. Hobo
  3. Cheater
  4. Nightmare
  5. Crazy White Folk
  6. Down, Down
  7. Ain't No Game
  8. Don't Push Me
  9. Topaz
  10. Four Letter Word
  11. Stonehouse Creek (reprise)


Hard Rock
Orig Year:
Country of Origin:


I was suprised to see this in CD format and was aware of it through the fantastic book by Vernon Joynson, "The Tapestry of Delights." Another great lost classic brought to light after all these years. If you like heavy, murky blues rock in the Old School vein of Ashkan & Orang-Utan with a touch of the vocals in places of Jerusalem then buy and enjoy.
I'm always amazed at what is still out there after collecting four thousand plus (just the ones that i've kept) items of heavy rock,blues,psych,garage,etc. ,... but that's what makes this a wonderful hobby & obsession.
Thanks to the members of Stonehouse, the re-issue people involved with this project & Rockadrome for bringing a bit of joy to an old rock & roller's heart.
Buy and enjoy.
Frank Tursic.

p.s. Keep up the good work, Dennis. It is appreciated!
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