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Thalamus - Beneath A Dying Sun CD

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Thalamus - Beneath A Dying Sun CD. The mega-awesome debut studio disc from Swedish heavy rock riffmachine THALAMUS, features 11 tracks (56 minutes) of intense, brain-damaging, bone-crushing, powerful pure rock fury. A classic, retro-70s blues-based orgasmic heavy rock riff fest.

Thalamus is the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Soundgarden. Modern day doom merchants with a fierce display of timeless, outstanding killer heavy guitar riffage. Taking their name from the part of your brain that registers pain, their killer heavy riffage will rip your brain out of your head and drop it on the floor like a quivering mass of jelly. Led by by an unstoppable force and brain-child known as Kjell Sjostrom on guitar & vocals, the man is a true riffmaster of classic heavy rock proportions. He delivers a brutal dose of relentless, monstrously heavy, outstanding noise pollution with a howling tornado of guitars and intense vocal wailings that pay tribute to the 70s heavy guitar gods with a musical message that comes crushing down like the sound of the apocalypse on your front door. The Thalamus band also features Jan Cederlund on second guitar and he is an integral part in their heavy rock mission. Both Sjostrom & Cederlund work well together as a solid rock machine and they know what time of day it is when it comes down to bad-ass, serious heavy guitar riffage. Rounding out Thalamus are Peter Johansson on Bass and Sebastian Olsson on drums. Both great, solid players who lock down a serious “groove machine” through-out the “Beneath a Dying Sun” disc to complete the awesome Thalamus rock thunder. “Beneath a Dying Sun” also features Klas Hagglund lending his atmospheric keyboard skills on two tracks and, as an added bonus, our good musical brother Janne “Sacred Alien” Stark (Locomotive Breath, Overdrive, Mountain Of Power) lands on the Thalamus disc as a special guest on the awesome track “Maze of Revelations” complete with a killer lead guitar solo that will fry your brain. “Beneath a Dying Sun” is a big, mean and downright dangerous slab of snarling heavy rock mayhem, a tangled web of crushing guitar riffage and apocalyptic vocals. The riffage is pure, sludgy, crawling doom and the songwriting/playing takes the scorched-earth dynamics of the blues to their logical extreme. In short, this is an instant mind-blowing, cathartic heavy rock classic.    (digipak)


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