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Toad - Toad CD

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Toad - Toad CD. Reissue of the debut album by Swiss heavy psychedelic rock band from the early '70s, featuring a furious Vic Vergeat. Originally released in 1971. Includes 7 bonus tracks. (m-/m-)

Track Listing:

  1. Cotton Wood Hill
  2. A Life That Ain't Worth Living
  3. Tank
  4. They Say I'm Mad
  5. Life Goes On
  6. Pig's Walk
  7. The One I Mean
  8. Stay* (a-side single)
  9. Animal's World* (b-side single)
  10. No Time* (1970 session)
  11. Walking in the Moonlight* (1970 session)
  12. Dream Girl* (1970 session)
  13. Lone Wolf Rocks* (1970 session)
  14. Feeling Alright* (1970 session)

* bonus tracks




Hard Rock
Flawed Gems
Orig Year:
Country of Origin:


Fantastic beyond belief, killer debut album by Toad. Vic Vergeat's guitar playing is sensational!. This is heavy blues rock and hard rock at it's best!. Everytime I listen to this lp, so does my neighbours!lol!. Get this album if you enjoy that hard rock 70's sound.
This debut album by "Toad" is killer beyond belief!. You'll find awesone guitar riffs and bluesy soulful vocals. This lp is a real pleasure to listen to. Just way to cool heavy guitar riffage that will rock your world!.
If you're into that retro-70's hard rock scene, than this CD needs to be in your collection!
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