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Various Artists - Metal Massacre LP

Label: Metal Blade
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MBR 1001


Various Artists - Metal Massacre LP. Original 1st pressing of this classic 1982 heavy metal compilation record featuring the first official release of Metallica. This pressing also features Ratt and Steeler who were taken off the later pressings. This thing sure does bring back a lot of memories of the good old days of heavy metal. This contains the first recording of Metallica's "Hit the Lights" with Hetfield, Ulrich and Lloyd Grant on solo guitar. Other versions feature the 2nd recording with Ron McGovney on Bass and Dave Mustaine on guitar (even though they are both credited here solely because they were in the band at the time of initial release). Classic piece of metal's history here, not too mention it's the very first release from Metal Blade who went on to be one of metal's longest running labels. (ex+/ex, some very light wear on disc, really nice mostly m-, a little bit of creasing on  cover, but only very slight ring wear barely detectable (diff from one pictured), small 1-inch rip on back cover bottom left, you just see a line where it's torn, no white spots or anything like that it's more like a short rip otherwise cover would be ex+, it's really nice except for the small rip)

Side One:

  1. Steeler - Cold Day in Hell
  2. Bitch - Live for the Whip
  3. Malice - Captive of Light
  4. Ratt - Tell the World
  5. Avatar - Octave

Side Two:

  1. Cirith Ungol - Death of the Sun
  2. Demon Flight - Dead of the Night
  3. Pandemonium - Fighting Backwards
  4. Malice - Kick You Down
  5. Mettallica - Hit the Lights (with mispelled name)



Heavy Metal
Metal Blade
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