Various Artists - Texas Flashback Vol. 2 CD

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Various Artists - Texas Flashback Vol. 2 CD. Killer collection of obscure 60s garage punk psych rock singles from Texas! The original LP's sell nowadays for more than 100 USD each. Originally released on vinyl only in the mid-seventies by David Shutt from Austin, Texas in a LTD quantity of 200 LP's. This CD covers the best of the most obscure unknown 60s' punk and psychedelic music of this area and time-period. The original LP's are cult. The music is cult and surely can match with every likewise band and their music of today. The booklets now come with solid information about the group and their music, which always was a big questionmark till today.  

Track Listing:

  1. The Jades - I'm all right
  2. The Oxford Circus - 4th street carnival
  3. The Blue Things - Twist and Shout
  4. Jimmy Rabbit & The Karats - Pushover
  5. Wally and the Rights - Hey now little girl
  6. The Boys - You deceived me
  7. The One Way Street - Joy and sorrow
  8. The Twilighters - Nothing can bring me down
  9. The Outcasts - I'm in Pittsburgh (and it's raining)
  10. S.J. and the Crossroads - Get out of my life woman
  11. The Iquanas - I can only give you everything
  12. The Chevelle V - Come back bird
  13. The Runaways - 18th floor girl
  14. The Six Pents - She lied
  15. Knights Bridge - C.J. Smith
  16. Knights Bridge - Make me some love


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