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Billy Bond - Y La Pesada Del Rock and Roll CD

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Billy Bond - Y La Pesada Del Rock and Roll CD. This reissue CD contains the entirety of the first two LPs (S/ T + Rocks Blues Rocks Rocks) from Billy Bond y La Pesada, featuring all the musicians responsible for the weird and wonderful records by Kubero Diaz, and La Cofradia de la Flor Solar. In 1970, Bond hit upon the idea to found "La Pesada del Rock and Roll", a loosely-affiliated group featuring all of the best rock musicians in Argentina at the time. Billy Bond y La Pesada released their first album on the Music Hall label late in 1970 hard hitting freaked-out rock n roll with psychotic touches, spiced up by funky rhythms. This debut includes some incredible tracks: Salgan al sol (written by Martinez, which features a brilliant Pappo wah-wah guitar solo); Divertido, Reventado, (credited to Pappo and Pedro Puj), sounding more or less like a spin-off on Hendrix's You Got Me Floatin); and El parque (written by Spinetta as a preview of his own band Pescado Rabioso, featuring himself on bass and Pappo on guitar). The second album is from 1972; another excellent record featuring remarkable tracks like La pelidad ciudad, a great guitar rocker by Kubero Diaz, La maquina ("The Damned Killer Machine") sung by Medina, with Pappo on guitar, Blues para mis amigos, with lyrics describing the members of the band, and Para que nos sirven. All and all, this is a harder-edged LP than the first one as the text on the cover says: rocks+blues+rocks+rocks= Billy Bond y La Pesada! (m-/m-)


Blues Rock
Cloud Forest
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