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DESTILLERY from Marl, Germany, is one of the ultimate newcomer acts in the field of classic Heavy Metal. The band was founded in early 1994 by five outstandingly talented young musicians whom doubtlessly the future will belong to.

The band?s fundamental basis is a long time friendship between all the band members, so there is of course a great feeling of togetherness within the band that obviously positively affects the quality of their well-structured songs. Because each member fully dedicates his whole energy and great musical abilities to the band?s progress, DESTILLERY have already been able to create a number of top-notch Power Metal tracks in their still quite short career, some of which might become real classics one day. DESTILLERY?s trade mark quality is the synthesis of unbelievable motivation, technical skill and singer Florian Reimann?s expressive vocals.

In 1997, a 5-track mini CD called ?Interior Fire? was released as a private pressing (which has been sold out for a while now), impressively documenting the band?s maturity process and clarifying that there were even greater things to expect from the band with future releases. The first of those was the first full length album ?Immortal Sun? which saw the light of the Metal world in January 1999 and with ?Hope Is A Frame? contained only one of the EP tracks, although all of them would have well been worth to be released again ? but there was simply no need for that, because the new songs could easily keep up with their quality and even surpass it.

?Immortal Sun? is a killer album with a quality standard that?s become rare in our days and was received very well by the press. In a time where Heavy Metal is generally becoming much more popular again, it is important to have some really solid bands like DESTILLERY among all those similar sounding acts that just seem to be keen on some fame and money; the talent and dedication once more impressively displayed by songs like the opening track ?Deluge Of Spite? or the fast ?Timerunner? made clear that DESTILLERY are ready and willing to take the world by storm.

Almost 18 months later, the ?German IRON MAIDEN? (if there?s any comparison that applies to DESTILLERY, then it?s definitely this one, because Florian Reimann?s voice and style often resemble the immortal Bruce Dickinson, and DESTILLERY?s twin guitar attack is not less lethal than that of two gentlemen by the names of Murray and Smith) finally struck again with the follow-up album ?Behind The Mask?, easily wiping away any doubts about whether they?d be able to maintain the debut album?s high quality standard by simply surpassing it once again. No matter whether you take the opening track ?Decades Of Execution?, heavier Power Metal killers like ?Eraser? and ?Masquerade? or the closing hymn ?Forevermore? ? all the songs on ?Behind The Mask? are timeless, state-of-the-art traditional Heavy Metal numbers, performed with more than decent technical skill, that can easily keep up with any of today?s big names in the genre.

Metal is on the rise again, and if it?s not the original, the talented and dedicated bands that will grab the lead, then who will ? Count on DESTILLERY to be in the first line of the Forces of Metal in this beginning decade !

18 months after the release of their second album, DESTILLERY are finally prepared for the next strike. The band was able to get a great reputation by their two preceding works "Immortal Sun" and "Behind the mask" and was for many critics one of the best newcomer acts in the Power-Metal genre.
The title of the new album, "Ferrum", expresses, that the band is still playing traditional Heavy-Metal in its original form.

Compared to "Immortal Sun" and "Behind the mask", DESTILLERY were even able to improve. The songs on "Ferrum" are by far more catchy and all nine tracks are absolutely perfect compositions. On this third work, DESTILLERY are better than ever.
Although the compositions are still complex, the songs are absolutely fluent and straight.

A further plus on "Ferrum" is, that the high standard is kept up on the whole record and especially the two final tracks "Creed" and "Sagittarius" are potential hits. Since all nine tracks on "Ferrum" are absolute killer-songs, DESTILLERY now are definitely an essential part of the Heavy-Metal-scene.

  1. Deluge Of Spite
  2. Magical Man
  3. The View
  4. Memorial Of Eternity
  5. Downhearted
  6. Timerunner
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Intentions
  9. Hope Is A Frame


Heavy Metal
Iron Glory
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