Pagan Altar - Mythical & Magical CD

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Pagan Altar - Mythical & Magical CD. Their latest brand new 2006 release, already hailed as a classic in underground doom metal and NWOBHM circles! Certainly among the most unique and diverse bands to come from the early 80s UK heavy metal scene. Alan Jones delivers a ton of seering lead guitar here and while it's surely metallic, it also retains the essence of the best of the early 70s heavy prog rock styles, and is the highlight of this disc for me. And while this apparently appeals to doom metal heads, it should surely be heard by not only NWOBHM freaks but anyone into 70s heavy prog rock as well.

Track Listing:

  1. Samhein
  2. The Cry of the Banshee
  3. The Crowman
  4. Daemoni na Hoiche (Demons of the Night)
  5. The Sorcerer
  6. Flight of the Witch Queen
  7. Dance of the Druids
  8. The Erl King
  9. The Witches Pathway
  10. Sharnie
  11. The Rising of the Dark Lord
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