Rockadrome Store Update - February 25th, 2020

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - February 25th, 2020


Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome label distributed release and a list of some restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!


Reflexicon - Reflexicon CD($10)/LP($20) 

Here's is the latest release distributed by Rockadrome. This time it's for our friends in Chicago from the band Reflexicon. Paul “P.K. Ripper” Kratky, guitarist of Chicago 80s progressive metal legends Slauter Xstroyes, assembled this musical machine along with veterans of the Chicago scene, guitarist Jerry Buczko and bassist Bill Dixon, and performed under the moniker IRONFINGER for a few years. Their intent was to burn down an audience - armed only with creative audio as an accelerant. Paul and Jerry’s front line of blistering guitar runs are precise yet unpredictable, full of jagged interval jumps and perfectly-synchronized picking, lodged in between massive swells of molten riffing. If you are familar at all with Slauer Xstroyes, you know PK & Co. are going to bring the riffage. In the back you have Bill’s pummeling bass lines, efficiently coupled with drummer John Ashe’s percussive stomp, to provide the perfect drivetrain for delivering maximum torque across the board. With the addition of vocalist Fred Morg, who's been likened to a blend of Dickinson and Hagar, a melodic thread is woven into the sound, seamlessly delivering a well-oiled and finely tuned example of some of Chicago's best metallic sounds. Available on LP and CD. (CD version contains 1 bonus track!). If you have shop or mail-order inquire about wholesale pricing.


New Arrivals and Restocks


Alice In Chains - Don't Open Dead Inside LP
Alphataurus - s/t LP (RE)
Alusa Fallax - Intorno Alla Mia LP (RE)
American Blues Exchange - Blueprint CD
Amish - s/t CD
Analogy - s/t LP (RE)
Analogy - Suite LP
Apoteosi - s/t LP (RE)
Arcadium - Breathe Awhile LP (RE)
Arzachel - s/t LP (RE)
Aunt Mary - Loaded CD
Bachdenkel - Stalingrad LP (RE)
Basim, Al - Revival LP (RE)
Bathory - s/t LP (RE)
Biglietto Per L'Inferno - s/t LP (RE)
Black Merda - s/t LP (RE)
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 2-CD
Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 2-LP
Black Sabbath - Live In Brussels LP
Black Sheep - s/t CD
Black Widow - Sacrifice Live on Stage LP
Blackfeather - Live (Sunbury) CD
Bliss - s/t CD
Blocco Mentale - Poa LP (RE)
Blues Creation - Demon & Eleven Children LP (RE)
Boomerang- s/t CD
Budgie - Live at the BBC 1972 LP
Budgie - Live at the Marquee 1974 LP
Budgie - Live in St. Louis 1976 CD
Budgie - Live in Milwaukee 1978 CD
Bull Angus - s/t CD
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - s/t LP (RE)
Campo Di Marte - s/t LP (RE)
Challenger's - s/t CD
Charlee - s/t LP (RE)
Chasar - Gypsy Roller CD
Chen, Shinki - Shinki Chen & Friends CD
Cherry Five - s/t LP (RE)
Chico Magnetic Band - s/t LP (RE)
Chirco - Visitation CD
Circus 2000 - s/t LP (RE)
Citta Frontale - El Tor LP (RE)
Cykle - s/t LP (RE)
Czar - s/t LP (RE)
Danzig - s/t LP (RE)
Danzig - II Lucifage LP (RE)
Day Blindness - s/t CD
De De Lind - Io Non So Dav Dove Vengo LP (RE)
Def Leppard - First Strikes 1978-1979 CD
Delirium - Dolce Acqua LP (RE)
Delirium - III LP (RE)
Demian - Rock Star Farm CD
Diamond Head - Live at the BBC 1984 LP
Diamond Reo - s/t CD
Diamond Reo - Dirty Diamonds CD
Dias De Blues - s/t CD
Dies Irae - First LP (RE)
Dirty Tricks - s/t CD
Doctor Downtrip - s/t LP (RE)
Douglas Fir - Hard Heartsingin LP (RE)
Drugi Nacin - s/t CD
Electric Sandwich - s/t LP (RE)
Ellison - s/t CD
Fantasy - Pain A Picture CD
Fantasy - Pain A Picture LP (RE)
Fapardokly - s/t CD
Fat - Fat/Footloose CD
Flower Travellin' Band - Make Up 2-LP (RE)
Flower Travellin' Band - Made In Japan LP (RE)
Free Action Inc. - Rock & Blues LP (RE)
Gaa - Auf der Bahn Zum Uranus CD
Garfield - Strange Streets/Out There CD
Garybaldi - Astrolabio LP (RE)
Garybaldi - Nuda LP (RE)
Gash - A Young Man's Gash LP (RE)
Genesis - BBC Sessions 1972 CD
Genesis - Live at the Rainbow 1973 2-LP
Gila - s/t CD
Gracious - s/t LP (RE)
Griffin - Protectors of the Lair CD
Griffin - Flight of the Griffin CD
Happenings Four - A Long Trip CD
Hawkwind - Greasy Truckers Party Live at the Roundhouse LP
Headband - A Song for Tooley CD
Heavy Load - Full Speed At High Level CD
Heavy Load - Full Speed At High Level LP (RE)
High Tide - Ice Age - Rare Tracks LP
Hillow Hammet - Hammer CD
I Califfi - Fiore Di Metallo LP (RE)
I Drive - s/t CD
I Teoremi - s/t LP (RE)
Ibiss - Sun Supreme LP (RE)
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - YS LP (RE)
Indian Summer - Rare Live and Studio Tracks 1970-1971 CD
Iron Maiden - Live in Tokyo 1981 CD
Iron Maiden - Live in New York 1982 CD
Iron Maiden - Live At Reading Festival 1980 LP
Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tape EP and more LP
Janus - Gravedigger LP (RE)
Jasper - Liberation LP (RE)
Jenghiz Khan - Well Cut CD
J.E.T. - Fede Speranza Carita LP (RE)
Jody Grind - One Step On CD
Josefus - s/t CD
Josefus - Dead Man CD
Josefus - Dead Man LP (RE)
Judas Priest - Mother Sun 1973-1978 LP
Judas Priest - Live in New York 1979 CD
Jumbo - DNA LP (RE)
Jumbo - Vietato Al Monori LP (RE)
Kin Ping Meh - No. 2 LP (RE)
Led Zeppelin - Live at the Fillmore West 1969 LP
Led Zeppelin - Live at Wiskey A Go Go 1969 LP
Linn County - Fever Shot CD
Locksley Hall - s/t LP (RE)
L'Uovo Di Colombo - s/t LP (RE)
Majic Ship - s/t CD
Maki, Carmen - Blues Creation LP (RE)
Mason, Rick - The Inner Dimensions of Rick Mason LP (RE)
Mason - Harbour LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - Choice Cuts CD
Master's Apprentices - Choice Cuts LP (RE)
Master's Apprentices - A Toast to Panama Red LP (RE)
Mcchurch Soundroom - Delusion LP (RE)
Megadeth - Killing is my Business LP (RE)
Metamorfosi - Inferno LP (RE)
Mogul Thrash - s/t LP (RE)
Mogul Thrash - BBC Sessions and Outtakes 1970 LP
Motorhead - Live in Glasgow 1982 CD
Murple - Io Sono Murple LP (RE)
Nazareth - BBC Radio Sessions 1972-1973 CD
Nazca Line - Outer Space Connection CD
New Trolls - s/t LP (RE)
New Trolls - UT LP (RE)
November - En ny Tid ar Har / 2:A CD
Orang-Utan - s/t CD
Osage Tribe - Arrow Head LP (RE)
Osanna - L'Uomo LP (RE)
Osanna - Palepoli LP (RE)
Oxfords - Flying up Through the Sky CD
Pan - s/t CD
Panna Fredda - Uno LP (RE)
Paternoster - s/t LP (RE)
Power House - s/t LP (RE)
Procession - Frontiera LP (RE)
Public Foot The Roman - s/t LP (RE)
Quella Vechia Locanda - s/t LP (RE)
Raminghi - Il Lungo Cammino LP (RE)
Recreation - Music or Not Music LP (RE)
Reflexicon - s/t CD
Reflexicon - s/t LP
Rush - Live at Electric Lady Studios 1974 CD
Rush - Live at St Catherines April 1974 LP
Sacred Blade - Of The Sun and Moon CD
Saga - s/t CD
Samuel Prody - s/t LP (RE)
Satin Whale - Desert Places LP (RE)
Saxon - Live at the Beat Club 1981 LP
Saxon - Stand Up and Rock 1982 LP
Scorpions - Lonesome Crow LP (RE)
Scorpions - Live in Tokyo 1979 CD
Scorpions - Live in Tokyo 1978 LP
Second Life - s/t LP (RE)
Short Cross - Arising CD
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come LP (RE)
Sledgehammer - Blood on their Hands CD
Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecelia The Elektra Recordings 2-LP
T.P. Smoke - s/t LP (RE)
T2 - It'll All Workout In Boomland LP (RE)
Think - We'll Give You A Buzz CD
Third World War - s/t LP (RE)
Toad - s/t CD
Toe Fat - BBC Sessions 1969-1970 CD
Too Much - s/t CD
Too Much - s/t LP (RE)
Trip - The Trip LP (RE)
UFO - Live at the BBC 1974-1975 LP
UFO - Live At the Electric Ballroom LP
UFO - Live in Atlanta 1974 CD
Variations - Nador LP (RE)
Various Artists - Gitarijada Vojvodine Kisak '75 LP (RE)
Velvet Fogg - s/t LP (RE)
Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night CD
Warhorse - Red Sea LP (RE)
Waterloo - First Battle LP (RE)
Wishbone Ash - Live In New Jersey 1974 CD
Wishbone Ash - Live at the BBC 1971-1972 2-LP
Wizard - s/t CD
Writing on the Wall - Power of the Picts LP (RE)
Yanagida, Hiro - Milk Time LP (RE)
Yesterday's Children - s/t LP (RE)
Zerfas - s/t CD


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