Rockadrome Store Update - November 5th, 2017

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome  Store Update - November 5th, 2017

Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome Store update with a list of some restocks and new items from the past week! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!


Recent restocks and new items in the shop:

Andromeda - s/t LP (RE)
Antonius Rex - Zora LP (RE)
Assassin - License to Kill CD
Assassin - License to Kill LP (RE)
Avalanche - Pray for the Sinner CD
Bad Axe - Contradiction to the Rule CD
Bang - Bang LP (RE)
Bang - Mother/Bow to the King LP (RE)
Battle Axe - We're On the Attack CD
Biglietto Per L'Inferno - s/t LP (RE)
Black Knight - Master of Disaster 2-LP (RE)
Black Knight - Master of Disaster CD
Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum LP (RE)
Buffalo - Only Want You for Your Body LP (RE)
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Live at Roadburn 2011 2-LP
Carnage - s/t CD
Chained Lace - Morbid Fascination CD
Circus 2000 - Escape From a Box LP (RE)
Cold Sun - Dark Shadows LP (RE)
Cruella - Shock the World CD
Dark - Round the Edges LP (RE)
Darkstar - s/t CD
Dark Starr - Shines Again CD
De De Lind - Io Non So Da Dove Vengo LP (RE)
Destroyer - Optimum D.S.I. CD
Doctor Cyclops - Borgofondo LP
Dschinn - s/t LP (RE)
Flea - Topi O Uomini LP (RE)
Genocide - Too Long CD
Gift - s/t LP (RE)
Glacier - s/t CD
Hackensack - Give It Some LP
Haikara - s/t LP (RE)
Hairy Chapter - Can't Get Through LP (RE)
Hanz Krypt - Tales from the Krypt CD
Hotchkiss - First Cartridges 7-Inch (RE)
Hypnos - Cold Winds LP
Ikarus - s/t LP (RE)
Ion Britton - Eat Metal LP (RE)
Ion Britton - Eat Metal CD
L'Uovo Di Colombo - s/t LP (RE)
Lady Killer - s/t CD
Laghonia - Ectetera LP (RE)
Laghonia - Glue LP (RE)
Liquid Sound Company - Exploring the Psychedelic LP (RE)
Liquid Sound Company - Inside the Acid Temple LP
Lord - The Second Coming LP (RE)
Lyd - s/t LP (RE)
Manilla Road - Mystification LP (RE)
May Blitz - The 2nd of May LP (RE)
Metamorfosi - E Fu Il Sesto Giorno LP (RE)
Mother's Ruin - Road to Ruin LP (RE)
Mother's Ruin - Road to Ruin CD
Necronomicon - Tips Zum Selbstmord LP (RE)
Nosferatu - s/t LP (RE)
Operators - Revelers LP
Overlord - Broken Toys CD
Overlord - Broken Toys LP (RE)
Overlord - Back int the Dragon's Lair CD
Rapid Tears - Cry For Mercy CD
Rapid Tears - Honestly CD
Rising - Inside the Universe LP
Rising - Inside the Universe CD
Rods - Heavier Than Thou CD
Scratch - Before the Rain CD
Sinister Angel - Enter The Gates of Hell CD
Skull - Sometime Yesterday Mourning 7-Inch
Solitude Aeturnus - Through the Darkest Hour LP (RE)
Solitude Aeturnus - Downfall LP (RE)
Space Farm - s/t LP (RE)
Takashi - Kamikaze Killers CD
Tantrum - Trenton City Murders LP (RE)
Three-Headed Dog - Hound of Hades CD
Thunderstick - Echoes from teh Analogue Asylum CD
Trident - Power of the Trident 2-CD
Valhalla - Ultimate Anthology 84-86 2-LP
Valhalla - Ultimate Anthology 84-86 CD
Various Artists - N.W. Metalworx Vol. 1 LP
Various Artists - Heavy Prog Fall Out CD
Virus - Thoughts LP (RE)
Wikka - Beware of the King LP
Wikka - Beware of the King CD
X-Caliber - Warriors of the Night CD
Xen - Resurrection CD


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