Rockadrome Store Update - October 10, 2020

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - October 10, 2020


Greetings Music Fans,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Rockadrome Store. We'd like to announce our latest Rockadrome store list of restocks and new items from the past few weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!



13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere LP (RE)
13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Sounds LP (RE)
21st Century Sound Movement - s/t LP (RE)
4 Levels of Existence - s/t LP (RE)
AC/DC - Live At Towson Center LP
Atila - Intencion LP (RE)
Azitis - Help LP (RE)
Beat of the Earth - This Record Is An LP (RE)
Black Sabbath - Live From Ontario Speedway 1974 LP
Blues Creation - s/t LP (RE)
Bubble Puppy - A Gathering of Promises LP (RE)
Buffalo - Dead Forever LP (RE)
Buffalo - Only Want You for Your Body LP (RE)
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock LP (RE)
Chocolate Watchband - One Step Beyond LP (RE)
Common People - of the People LP (RE)
Conjerte, Morreale & Dibley - Earth Free LP (RE)
Damnation of Adam Blessing - s/t LP (RE)
Darius - s/t LP (RE)
Dark - Dark Cross the Ages 2-LP (RE)
Deep - Psychedelic Moods CD
Demon Fuzz - Afreaka! LP (RE)
Dust - Hard Attack LP (RE)
Embrujo - s/t LP (RE)
Epizootic - Daybreak LP (RE)
Fallen Angels - The Great Society Sucks CD
Farmyard - Back To Fronting LP (RE)
Felt - s/t LP (RE)
Gandalf - s/t LP (RE)
Gift - s/t LP (RE)
Granicus - s/t LP (RE)
Growing Concern - s/t CD
Hackensack - Give it Some CD
Hackensack - Live the Hard Way CD
Harumi - s/t CD
Haystacks Balboa - s/t LP (RE)
Headstone - Still Lookin LP (RE)
Highway Robbery - s/t LP (RE)
Holmes, Jake - Above Ground Sound LP (RE)
Ikarus - s/t Lp (RE)
Internal Void - Voyage LP (RE)
Jacula - Tardo Pede In Magiam LP (RE)
Jasper Wrath - s/t LP (RE)
Kath - 1 2-CD
Kim Jung Mi - Wind CD
Last Call of Shiloh - s/t LP (RE)
Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom LP (RE)
Lemon Drops - Sunshine Flower Power 2-CD
Lemon Fog - Psychedelic Sound of Summer CD
Light of Darkness - s/t LP (RE)
Little Free Rock - s/t LP (RE)
May Blitz - s/t LP (RE)
Millard & Dyce - s/t LP (RE)
Mystic Siva - s/t LP (RE)
Pentagram - Sub-Basement LP (RE)
Phantasia - s/t LP (RE)
Ronnie Von - A Maquina Voadora CD
Ruphus Zuphall - Phallobst LP (RE)
Rush - Live in St. Louis 2-LP
S to S - s/t LP (RE)
Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip 2-LP
Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting for the Flood LP
Sarcofagus - Cycle of Life LP (RE)
Seompi - Guns in the Skies CD
Skull - Sometime Yesterday 7"
Slowbone - The Real Rock n Roll Swindle CD
Speed, Glue & Shinki = Eve LP (RE)
Speed, Glue & Shinki - s/t 2-LP (RE)
Survivor - All Your Pretty Moves CD
Sweet Slag - Tracking with Close-Ups LP (RE)
T2 - s/t CD
T2 - 1971/1972 CD
Tangerine Zoo - Outside Lookin In LP (RE)
Tapiman - s/t LP (RE)
Tin House - s/t CD
Tin House - s/t LP (RE)
Tormentors - Hanging Around LP (RE)
Various - S.P. Metal 1 LP (RE)
Various - S.P. Metal 2 LP (RE)
Warlock - 40 Anos Antes LP
Wicked Lady - Axeman Cometh 2-LP (RE)
Wild Turkey - Rarest Turkey LP
Wildfire - Smokin LP (RE)
Yes - Live at Roosevelt Stadium 1976 LP


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