Rockadrome Store Update - October 27th 2017

by Dennis Bergeron
Rockadrome Store Update - October 27th 2017




From the archives comes this two album set featuring live material recorded during several nights in Topeka, Kansas at a club called Mothers circa 1974. This all went down two years prior to the release of their now legendary underground U.S. hard rock debut album, "No Rest for the Wicked," which has been one of Rockadrome's most popular re-releases over the years. They are captured here honing their craft and stretching out into extended jam sessions (with members of the band Kansas in attendance) as heard on the side long versions of "Midnight Horsemen" and "Trains Must Roll," both Truth and Janey classics. A CD version will follow shortly after the 2-LP vinyl is released. The track listing for this one is as follows:

Side One ::  Midnight Horsemen (22:34)
Side Two ::  Help Me (6:53)  Country Fever (6:08)  My Mind (7:17)
Side Three ::  Trains Must Roll (19:54)
Side Four ::  Cut and Dried (4:44)  Down the Road (4:51)  Around and Around (4:29)

We will announce pre-ordering when we move closer to a release date! Limited edition (100) coke bottle clear vinyl will be available exclusively from our online shop! Only 500 pressed!


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