Yezda Urfa - Nearfest 2004 CD

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Yezda Urfa - Nearfest 2004 CD. Concert recording from 2004's Nearfest featuring the reunited eccentric progressive 70s rock band Yezda Urfa, who's debut album fetches big bucks in record collecting circles.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro by Chad
  2. Give 'Em Some Rawhide Chewies
  3. Boris and His Three Verses including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag
  4. 3, Almost 4, 6, Yea
  5. To-Ta in the Moya
  6. Ron's band intros
  7. L.A.
  8. The Basis of Dubeglazy While Dirk Does the Dance
Prog Rock

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