Aguaturbia - Complete Tracks CD

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Aguaturbia - Complete Tracks CD. A collection of tracks featuring the entire 1st and 2nd album (both released in 1970) plus bonus cuts from this infamous Chilean psychedelic underground acid rock group. Stoned to the max female vocals and searing trashy guitar licks are this bands signature. Original vinyl pressings are ultra rare and expensive. (m-/m-, new, unplayed)

Track listing:

  1. Baby
  2. Erotica
  3. Alguien para Amar
  4. Ah Ah Ah Ay
  5. Rollin and Tumblin
  6. Uno de Estos Dias
  7. Carmesi y Trebol
  8. Eres Tu
  9. I Wonder Who
  10. Heartbreaker
  11. Blues on the West Side
  12. Waterfall
  13. Well All Right
  14. Jailhouse Rock
  15. E.V.O.L.
  16. Aguaturbia
  17. El Hombre de la Guitarra
  18. Hermoso Domingo
  19. Flaco


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Official CD issue of both albums their two LP's from 1969 and 1970, a 1973 7" and one solo track by the guitarist, 75 minutes playing time in total. This is Chilean psych-rock with powerful female vocals and scandalous LP covers, some very heavy jams, fuzzed Hendrixy guitar work, spaced out vocals and acid madness with a Jefferson airplane feel. Artwork includes original cover artwork from both albums and a booklet that features live pictures and a brief history of the band. Essential for psych freaks.. The second to last song here is an all-time mind-blowing classic of 60s rock. It's a fuzzed out catchy rocker with really raw female vocals (in English). The singing is almost caustic, almost punk, but wailing. I can't get enough of it.

The rest of the album is basically second-rate 60s hippy jam rock with a Jefferson Airplane cover or two and long guitar solos. Mostly long tracks. It's decent, but nothing essential unless you have a special fondness for that genre. It's not my preferred genre, though I'm hugely into 60s rock in general.

The group is from South America somewhere and the English vocals have an unmistakable accent. The last track, which is mellow and folky, has Spanish vocals, and the rest are in English.

According to the old Gibraltar EPR, Aguaturbia's music represents the "psych" with wild "wah-wah" guitar solos and great female vocals. While I agree with both the latter points absolutely, the band's stylistics has, in my view, a little to do with real psychedelic music. It is not easy to make out the elements of it there even through a "prism" of the album's specific title. At the Down of the Genre and Rock Music in general "psych", along with Progressive, was one of the main musical constituents of the great Pink Floyd, as well as Clear Blue Sky and Hawkwind (apart from such real psych-makers as early Amon Düül II, Can, etc). So, despite the fact that there are the elements of "psych" on the Psychedelic Drugstore album, on the whole I regard the music of Aguaturbia as one of the early manifestations of Progressive's Space Rock sub-genre: it is well known that the real Space Rock is, on the whole, quite heavy music. Not as progressive as the debut album of the Space Rock pioneers Clear Blue Sky Out of the Blue (1968), Aguaturbia's Psychedelic Drugstore is, nevertheless, not only one of the best Space Rock albums. Along with Out of the Blue, this is one of the most innovative and unique albums ever created within the frame of sub-genre.
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