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Anvil - Forged in Fire CD

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Anvil - Forged in Fire CD. Classic 1983 heavy metal album featuring the anthemic title track that was absolutely crushing when I last saw them in concert. One of my favorite Anvil songs for sure. This album belongs in any respectable collection right along side stuff like Mercyful Fate "Melissa", Metallica "Kill Em All" and Motorhead "Ace of Spades". With slipcase cover.


Heavy Metal
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One of the most famous Canadian export products is Anvil, Metal heads who are 'forged in fire' in 1973. After their first two releases, we're talking about the years 1981 and 1982 Anvil was immense popular. It was the time British bands produced a new sound and reigned the Metal circuit.

In 1982 Anvil released - in my opinion - their best album, ''Forged In Fire''. For that era the disc had an unbelievable clear production and the music was addictive from the beginning until the end. Lips, the ever smiling lead singer with a rubber face, was the perfect front man for the band and became a charismatic figure. He made Anvil very popular and they toured often in our countries, one of the highlights must have been their gig at the Heavy Sound Festival in Belgium. Lips has always been a good singer and guitar player and he always had a good sense of humor. Even more important... he branded some classic songs on this record.

Starting the slow but very powerful ''Forged In Fire'' was perfect to catch the attention of every Metal freak. The song keeps the listener into a mysterious spell, making you high because of the magic this number includes. Awesome are the solos which are weaved into it, as a matter of fact this is a mark for Anvil.

In my opinion the best drummer in our scene is Robb Reiner, Anvil's butcher! The way this man beats the drums is inconceivable, uncountable hits par second on varied tempo. It's almost impossible to follow what the man does and technically seen this is superiority! By gearing to a higher speed with “Shadow zone” Robb Reiner proves how a drummer can be so ear catching for a band. He plays hard and merciless¦

If there's one song which fits perfect on our way of life as a Metal head it is 'Free As The Wind'. This track tells what Metal is about and it exhales our most intense demand to respect us and our music. 'Play my music way too loud. My hair's too long, I don't fit in the crowd. Leather jacket and denim jeans...' ! Man, this was the 'rebellious me' speaking when I was a young adolescent in 1983! It were the perfect words to use against my parents and teachers who didn't understand what Metal was about. And yes, after almost 26 years in Metal I'm still 'free as the wind', the hair is short but I'm still into Metal thanks to these clairvoyant words. Nowadays Metal is more accepted but the older ones amongst us knows what I'm talking about and I'm quite sure they still understand the importance of these lyrics.

Anvil kept on playing first class songs and sounded stronger than they were on the previous albums, ''Hard 'n Heavy'' and ''Metal on Metal'. In 'Never Deceive Me' you can still hear the Hard Rock influences but mostly Anvil chose for heavier riffs and basic lines with an enormous strength. A good example for this statement is the awesome 'Future Wars'. Another remarkable song is of course 'Motormount' which was added at one of those popular compilation LP's from the early eighties.

After this release Thrash Metal became enormous popular and Anvil was forced to play a more discrete role. It took five years to release a new album, ''Strength of Steel'' but I suppose it was too late to get the attention back. Anvil was sucked into a negative spiral and never had a fair chance to strike back. No, they never really reached the first rows again. Respectable is the fact that this band kept on releasing albums but never again from the same quality as the first three releases. Anvil is still respected in the underground scene and on stage they are still full of energy. Nevertheless the old Anvil doesn't exist anymore...

I keep on hoping Anvil will come back with a breathtaking album, from the same level as ''Forged In Fire''. Be sure that every time I have the chance to see them on stage that I will be there, to worship my old heroes!
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