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Winterhawk - Revival CD

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Winterhawk - Revival CD. Official reissue of all-time classic hard rock guitar album featuring axe-master Jordan Macarus. If you love hard rock lead guitar action then do yourself a huge favor and grab this thing immediately! This thing overflows with a powerful Rush meets Blackfoot hard rock sound. Winterhawk was a classic hard progressive rock band that thrived in Chicago’s late 70s rock scene that included groups like Sorcery, Arion, The Hounds, Cheap Trick, Pentwater, M&R Rush, Off Broadway and more. Originally released posthumously in 1982 as a private press record, it’s now very collectable and sells for over $175 each. This is the latest CD pressing on the new Vintage sub-label of Rockadrome with expanded 12-page booklet containing liner notes, interview and photos. It’s simply a must-have release for any hard rock / classic rock collection.


Track Listing:

1) Intro
2) Sanctuary
3) Period of Change
4) Can't See the Forest for the Trees
5) Revival
6) Ace in the Hole
7) Free to Live

Press Quotes:

- "You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere at the opposite end of the Time Tunnel, Winterhawk's seven-minute piece de resistance Period of Change is more revered than Kansas's Dust in The Wind, and Macarus is playing in Deep Purple instead of Steve Morse. Seriously, Winterhawk are that good." - Geoff Barton (Classic Rock)

- "If I could take any single record with me to a desert island, this would be it." - Enlightened Chaos

- "...midwest hardrock band whose melodic hardrock is some of the best we've heard; great guitar leads and songs in a Jeronimo-Jericho-Masters
zone;" - Subliminal Sounds

- "...recommended to all hard rockers.." - Metal Invader

- "...brilliant guitar playing, great singing.." - Snakepit

- "A music torrent bursts out full of imposing,extra terrestial,destructive solos that will lead you to the greatest orgasm you ever had.." - Steel Conjuring

- "In my past twenty years as an addict of heavy guitar music, I have never heard anyone who played the electric guitar like Jordan Macarus. The three songs that Macarus wrote on his own in 1979 ("Period of change", "Revival" and "Free to live") I shall take with me into my grave, because I don't think I will ever hear anything like that again even in the afterlife." - Sacred Metal


Hard Rock
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criminaly underated
Easily a sleeper from 82 I can see what they had problems marketing this way too good for the music that was coming out in the 80's. Sounds a lot like Triumph with better guitar playing. The songs are longish but the guitar leads all work well with tasty playing that never goes too long. Near perfect cd from start to finsh. Just buy it and turn it up loud!
This is A list stuff all the way. Reminds me of Allied Forces era Triumph quite a bit, especially in the vocal department. Makes sense as both were released in '82. There are some progressive elements to the tunes as well, along with some killer guitar playing. Sound quality, packaging, and the music itself is all first rate. I would consider this melodic hard rock, although a decent level of heaviness is maintained throughout. A gem from Monster's new label!
Winterhawk remind me of a combination of Wishbone Ash, Triumph and Rush! The entire band is tight and guitarist Jordan Macarus smokes on each and every track. Vocal wise he sounds alot like Rik Emmett of Triumph which is a good thing. An excellent cd, with superb remastering. A must have for lovers of seventies and eighties rock.
The instant I heard Free To Live when I was looking up guitar gods of obscure and fantastic caliber I had to buy this album. The guitar work is some of the exquisite, intricate and techinically demanding I have ever heard (Believe me this is extremely high praise from me) and easily the hardest thing I have kind of succeded at learning on my own guitar. I was blown away by this album completely and along with; Winterkat, Sir Lord Baltimore, Armageddon, Mott the Hoople, Budgie, and Humble Pie, among others, is among my favorite hard rock bands.
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