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Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill CD

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Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill CD. Reissue of absolutely wicked 1985 heavy metal vinyl ultra-rarity and collector holy grail from Chicago. An underground cult favorite because of the crushing monsterous guitar of Paul Kratky and thunderous bass from Brent Sullivan which battle to the death in an onslaught of massive power metal riffs and ripping leads. Singer John Stewart's vocals are so powerful and commanding that nothing holds him back as he howls and growls through each majestic epic. One of my favorite heavy metal albums of all-time and one of the most talented heavy metal bands you'll ever hear. These guys should have conquered the world! Brand new 12-page expanded booklet with liner notes, photos and lyrics! Enhanced CD format includes bonus concert video track from 1985!

It's official! Guitarist Paul Kratky and bassist Brent Sullivan have reformed Slauter Xstroyes and practices are underway! I heard some of the practices and they are monsterous! Expect some Chicago area shows later in 2009 and they are already booked for the Up the Hammers (2010) fest in Greece!

Die Hard: The first 100 copies sold direct through will have the option to include a killer limited edition 100% embroidered 4"x 3" patch of the band logo (see below)!

Track Listing:

  1. Winter Kill
  2. No Idea
  3. The Stage
  4. City of Sirtel
  5. Charlotte
  6. Black Rose and Thorns
  7. Mother, Mother Fucker
  8. Winter Kill (remix)

plus bonus live video track from 1985!

Press Quotes:

"From the heavy droney keyboard intro, through the album's intervening moments of galloping attack, doomy riffing, and acoustic bliss, to the closing anthem "Mother, Mother Fucker" these guys rule." - Aquarius records (SF)

"After spending an hour trying to find the words to review this album, the only description that fully encompasses this masterpiece seems to be indescribable. "WinterKill" is a heavy-metal fan's dream come true" - Forgotten Steel

"Actually, this is not just a good album, nor S.X. just another good band. These guys RIP!!!!! I challenge you to listen to the approximately eight minute long title track that is one of the best HEAVY METAL tracks ever composed! No kiddin'! Rough as hell rhythm section, vicious leads, uncompromising vocals and complicated songs will rip your spine off and get you beggin for mercy." - Steel Conjuring

"Just listen to the opening track entitled "Winterkill" and you can understand what I mean-one of the best heavy metal songs ever written!" - Singing Swords

"Songs like "Black Rose and Thorns", "No Idea", and "City of Sirtel" are pure Metal epics with lots of tempo changes and an all out pure guitar blitz assault provided by Paul Kratky which is heavy as hell." - Snakepit Mag

"Their outstanding power play is identifiable in every song. In addition to this,Slauter Xstroyes present to the listener clever arrangements,a couple of breaks and cool ecstatic melodies. John Stewart who's the frontman of the band,is a singer whose organ(voice) varies from agressiveness to melody and strength and he,for sure, belongs to the elite of the metal explosion that took place in the early eighties." - Heavy Oder Was!

"Outstanding, epic US Metal, very original, but catchy at the same time, with undistorted bass and majestic vocals that remind me of early Omen, early Virgin Steele, Manilla Road and Samson-era Bruce Dickinson - all wrapped up in brilliant battle hymns performed by four very talented musicians. " Rock Hard (Germany)

"the overriding mastery of SLAUTER XSTROYES is their ability to come up with the most massive riffs that are totally original. "Black Rose and Thorns," a monster epic and my favorite song on the Lp, along with "Winter Kill." Overflowing with acoustic sections, stratospheric vocals and ripping musicianship, it's in league with ditties like "Victim of Changes." - Enlightened Chaos


Heavy Metal
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Enhanced CD with video


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