Macarus, Jordan - Balancing Act CD

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Infectious solo release from Chicago's legendary ex-WINTERHAWK guitarist, Jordan Macarus. Hear him take things to a higher level on such instant classics as "Pointless War," "Pvt. Unknown" and the epic "Wall of Fire." Resistance is futile!

- "...Jordan really pulls out all the stops. Examples are the title track with some of the best twin guitar
soloing heard this year and the 9 minute epic "Wall of Fire" which starts peacefully before building up to a frenzy of intense guitar playing." - Edge of Time

- "He's one of those few guitarists that make those strings truly come alive." - Chicago-Music-Scene

- "I have never heard a person who can combine both technical ability and sheer, raw feeling the way this guy can. No words can describe it, you must hear!" - Chaos Realm




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